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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Cold War never ended - it's our job to kill the Commies...

**This matters, folks.  This post was written just 2 years ago (January) and suddenly a 'National Socialist' pops up.  Consider the timing.  Consider the last 4 months since PatCon.  Understand that THERE ARE PROVOCATEURS AND ENEMIES OF LIBERTY trying to impede the work we do. Read the new comments.  Understand that WWIII is HERE and you and I are THE FRONT LINES!  I STRONGLY recommend you reconsider EVERYTHING you think you know about the 'Liberty Movement' and who is, and IS NOT, sincere about promoting true liberty.



J. Edgar Hoover was hunting Communists in 1924 when he was named Director of the Bureau of Investigation, the predecessor of the FBI.

Later in the 50's Senator Joe McCarthy was hunting Communists who had worked their way into FedGov, and the problem he ran into was that he was outnumbered.  There were so many Communists embedded in FedGov and elsewhere they were able to shout him down.  He died at just 48 years of age, censured and despised.

Yet when the Soviet Union "fell", KGB archives identified 221 Communists who had jobs in the Hoover Administration in 1931!!!  So you can imagine how many were in place in the '50's.

Anatoliy Golitsyn defected in December 1961 and informed the CIA that US FedGov was thoroughly penetrated, there was a very highly placed mole in US Intel code named Sasha working for the Soviets, and that the US was on the wrong end of a very sophisticated, long-term deception that was an existential threat to the USA.  The CIA's best counter-intelligence asset, James Jesus Angleton, perhaps one of the best ever, debriefed Golitsyn and certified his bona fides.  Yet Golitsyn was correct - the Soviets even then owned the highest levels of USG.  Golitsyn was deemed a fraud and Angleton was smeared to the point that his credibility was reduced to nothing.

Fifty years later, look at where we stand today.  "Communism" owns the planet today and they are about to close the deal on the last piece of real estate on planet Earth that has a chance of rolling back the Red Tide - America.  You can't point to a country on that map that doesn't deserve to be Commie Red.  Every country is either communist, socialist, run by a tyranny of some sort, be it religious or otherwise, and the governments of those countries are officially anti-individual-Liberty.  Test the theory - go to any country about which you think I am wrong, put an open-carry pistol on your hip, a few grenades hanging across your chest, a select-fire rifle across your back, then begin denouncing the reigning government.  If you can do this without the government taking action against you, I will stand corrected.

Why are America and Israel the only 2 countries I did not code red?  Because I wasn't offered a dark pink, which more accurately describes both.  Israel is a bit on the socialist side of things - I'd like to see how they would evolve if they were not constantly on the verge of obliteration.  Of course America should be Commie Red by my own standard - I'm stubborn.  I still think we have enough people and enough grit to roll back the Red.  We shall see.

You and I have a simple, albeit monumental, task before us, Patriots.  It is up to you and me to do what Jefferson failed to do to the Federalists, what Hoover and McCarthy failed to do to Commie moles in USG, What Truman refused to do when Patton wanted to go from Berlin to Moscow.

America is infested with Commie garbage and those who support Commie garbage.  They are facilitated even more by the rotten masses that have grown up in recent generations of moral decay orchestrated by the Commies among us.

Are you up to the challenge?

A bloodbath is coming to America not only in our lifetime, but I will dare say by November 2016, at the latest.  Communists have proven many times they have no problem killing tens-of-millions of people.  They mean to kill you to turn the last piece of planet Earth Commie Red with your blood, or your disease, or your famine.

Or we get them first.

There is no middle ground.  There is no compromise.  There is no parting ways peacefully.

They mean to have a genocide based on political ideology.

I have no problem doing the same to them, firstest and mostest.  Communism and all of the variable flavors associated with it under this umbrella of tyranny is Evil.  Supporters of tyranny are Evil.  Stupid people who are too lazy and/or stupid to know what they are doing are too stupid to remain among us.  Making Evil leave the country is not a moral crime.  If Evil people (or the unredeemably stupid) refuse to leave, there is no sin involved in making them leave, by force.  Killing Evil is no moral sin if you have tried reason and non-lethal means of self defense.

Doing nothing, or making excuses that leave Commies or terminally stupid people among us to breed and further their intent to destroy Liberty, is a moral crime, as far as I am concerned.

I have met several hundred Patriots face-to-face and a few thousand more here online.  I know you and I can get it done.  We can personally save Liberty.  It won't take many of us if we are willing to go harder than our enemies.

When the Enemies of Liberty abandon pretense and decide to go hard, they will do so without losing any sleep.  They will congratulate one another the next day.  They are convinced they are making humanity better by ridding the species of defects who like Guns and God.

You must be ready and able to go harder - first.

But if you can't even get your head around the truth of the Evil that we face, it's already over.

Think about it. 



  1. Typo: Hoover admin in 1931




  2. Our people are Dying.

    We need a Homeland. Northwest Front.

    1. If this is a win, it's a win due mainly to overwhelming numbers...and great training of warriors, of course.

      So I say dream big, and make it everywhere. I'm no military strategist, but this doesn't seem like the time for any sort of retreat. Just words though, we'll see what actually happens.

    2. LT: Read my response below to Mutant Swarm and apply it to you and yours.


    3. But his comment echoes your call for warriors. Why turn them away?

    4. Because they are racist Whites-Only fucks. That's just as bad as the fucks we are fighting now. For the record (I've put this on the record before, time to do it again" If I ever find myself in a foxhole with a WN of NF or other such fuck, I will stab him in the neck.


    5. "That's just as bad as the fucks we are fighting now."

      You sure about that? Sounds like a failure to distinguish crucial distinctions to me. Basically you're saying, "I am so against their value systems, that I'm willing to kill them." What a coincidence...that's exactly what the Commies say about you and nearly everyone here.

      There is a false meme going around in "Patriot" circles that the goal is to have a good, righteous society. While that's an admirable goal for sure, it's just not the point. The point is to have a FREE society and THEN goodness and righteousness will happen.

      It gets worse. If you even TRY to impose a good and righteous society, you can NEVER get there because imposition itself is so tied up with what's NOT good and righteous in a social context.

      This would explain why it never, ever happens that way. And never will...the practical is the moral. Rightful Liberty is a very sensible goal. Thinking millions of people can each have their one or two exceptions, is not.

    6. JK: You are correct: I am so against their value system that I will kill them.

      These people want freedom for them, not me. Fuck them and fuck anyone who stands with them and fuck them all sideways. There are Human Beings who are defective and simply need to be killed - and people who think they are somehow "better" because of their skin color - be it red, white or brown, are among those defects.

      Please don't try to sell moral relativism here substituting morality with freedom - their "Freedom" to be "white only" infringes my Rightful Liberty if we both choose to live in the same area because they have stated violence is an acceptable resolution to non-whites - I can never send my wife to the store on her own because these people hold "values" that infringe her Rightful Liberty.

      I'm done discussing this - it is simply too basic to be argued to the nth.

    7. Just for the record, let's not forget that I'm the guy "selling" objective morality, so a charge of "moral relativism" is off the wall. But that's about egoism and all that, well afield of this.

      No need to discuss, but a guy either believes in Rightful Liberty or he doesn't. Either-or. If there are exceptions, in the absence of forceful aggression, then a guy doesn't.

      It's simple. If rational men are to be free, then irrational men must be free too. All that matters is that they don't obstruct.

    8. Thanks for the heads up on the white racist issue. I did not know his background. What most don't understand is the white power/skin head movement is based on socialism. National socialism. If you are not for the liberty of the individual then you are for tyranny.

    9. Wow, kinda broad brush, isn't that, anonymous? Or even in the instance, do you know his background now?

      Hey, you wrote it perfectly...

      "If you are not for the liberty of the individual then you are for tyranny."

      Uh, yeah, which means anything that follows liberty of the individual with "except ..." is anti-liberty. Short of initiating force, naturally. Think about it...is it really anyone's business who a restaurant owner serves or doesn't serve? On what possible basis, and how could you make it happen anyway, except with thuggery?

      As soon as there's an exception, it means that there's an exception, duh. There can be no exceptions to individual liberty, except for physical defense.

      Otherwise you might have something alright, but it ain't individual liberty.

  3. We need to get busy. Northwest Front.

    1. Mutant Swarm: Please pass this on to the rest of your group - Go away, do not return to this website, and if we cross paths in the real world, keep moving for your own safety. I hope we understand one another.


  4. K - Exceptional piece. Well done. Well. Done.

  5. You can't even exercise the actions you suggested in your "test the theory" scenario in the U.S. without the government taking action against you.

    Fact is, the U.S. is ALREADY in a post-constitutional state.


    1. Diamondback: You are 100% correct - I admitted I didn't color the US Commie Red mostly out of stubbornness. ;)

      I do think we have a very, very short window to roll it back - let's hope we all get our shit together and muzzles pointed the right direction to get it done.

      Yours in Liberty.


    2. http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/01/10/the-mother-of-all-false-flag-attacks/

      NDV III

  6. Interesting/informative site; I applaud your efforts. Serious query: With the guaranteed readership at Ft. Meade, how wise is it to post such specific intent and other info? The downside seems obvious...

    1. Brian: Those of us who blog on these topics and you wonderful Patriots who read and comment, are all scheduled for the first bus from FEMA headed to the camp - or worse. ;) But someone has to do it...

      Stay safe.


  7. you are screwed anyway you look at it
    including using a computer for radio comms only

    1. They v=can shut down digital Comms - my undersating of the concept that enemies can shut down your radio,

  8. You do realize that the modern 3 percent movement was founded by an admitted ex communist?

    1. You and he say "ex", and I have never seen anything evincing he was released from the PLP - so he's still a fuckin' Commie - as to "founding" the III - He's old, but not that old. The III Percent were "Founded" by Captain John Parker well more than 200 years ago. The person to whom you are referring is a nothing who took something he read from a History book and tried calling it "His Creation."

      Next, he'll try the same shit with a book like the Bible, and claim he parted the seas or some such...

      You just can't take some people seriously, and MVB is one of those people who MANY have learned not to take seriously.

  9. If you are as "tough" as you say you are, you wouldn't be making idle threats towards other Americans.I am a National Socialist, so why don't you try and "stab me through the neck". Do you really have what it takes? I'm betting you don't. Have you ever distributed anti-communist flyers or do you sit and monitor this website while acting "tough" in front of the "many patriots" you have "talked to".

    Start doing something for once,


    1. Will: Fuck around and find out. You won't be the first. I'm easy to find - you hide begind a screen name. You can call yourself anything you want - right up to the moment you infringe the equal Rights of others. Then - you are a target.

  10. Still not answering any of my questions. I don't plan on attacking you,I was not the one that made threats. Are you ethnically jewish?

  11. Unknown - WTF are you talking about - every question you posed has been answered. Come see me - we'll discuss in person.

  12. Since you cannot understand formats, I'll post the questions you have not answered.
    Are you ethnically jewish?
    Have you distributed anti-red flyers?
    Do you actually have what it takes to kill a man?
    Why do you make threats towards other Americans?

    1. 1) The question is the height of insignificance - but, no - I am not.

      2) Flyers? How very old-school - I have published anti-Red newspapers and a blogs that reach 30,000 daily.

      3) Statute of limitations - Fuck You.

      4) I have never threatened a genuine American in my life. Posers beware. National Socialists are NOT American. Get it?

  13. Why do you lie to people?
    You know that the leading communists were jews and killed 15 million Whites, yet you deliberately keep this from your "audience"
    We both know that you do not have what it takes to kill a man, so you are not fooling anybody.


    1. What lies have I told?

      Stop with the Jew connection you are trying to promote - it is embarassing for you and really leads me to the edge of ending this discourse.

      As for my ability to kill - you have zero frame of reference, so stop writing gratuitous assertions.

  14. Do you deny that the leading reds were jews? Everybody here knows why you would end a conversation about jews. If you give anybody here proof to back up your false threats, then nobody would think that you are just a rambler with a blog and some media.

  15. Enlighten us - why would I end a conversation about Jews? I'll end it in a hot second if you continue with gratuitous assertions about Jews or any other group.

    And for shits & giggles, why do I owe you or anyone else 'proof' of my skills and disposition when you are free to come see me and find out for yourself?

    Your non-specific silliness grows weary. Please bring a serious discussion with specifics or let's just call it a day. You could begin by listing all the Communist Jew leaders you gratuitously assert are out there...

  16. You would end a conversation about jews because you defend their actions or are one yourself. The red leaders are as follows:
    Marx,Engels, Lenin, Trotsky(Bronstein), Bela Kuhn(Cohen) Jacob Schiff (financed the revolution) Stalin (was not buthad many jewish women and advisors around him; carried out Lenin plan) Yagoda(commies chief executioner)

    1. I am not Jewish. I defend the actions of many people - based on their actions, not bloodlines. Rightful Liberty, Free Will, that sort of thing.

      Your Nazi.fascist/racist roots are showing. Of 23,000 members of the Bolshevik Party in 1917 there were 364 Jews - fewer than 2%. By 1922 there were only 3 remaining due to the purge.

      We could play this game forever, where I present facts and you distort anomalies to fit your narrative. But I shant. You are just another WN bigot with no useful role in a world of Rightful Liberty. Please take your arguments to WRSA or WN or some other venue where your brand of Stupid will be appreciated by their echo chamber.

      We prefer logic, reason and dialectic here.

  17. You are using jewish distraction techniques. Are you saying that the members I have listed are not jewish?
    Please prove me wrong; but you cannot and will dance around the fact that jews killed 15 million Whites and pretend to be "fighting commies". You have not done a physical action to back up your claims of violence and you pretend you are willing to kill Americans based on their beliefs. Like it or not, ANY person born in America is an American, and if you try and back up your false claims, you will fail, be arrested, tried and executed as a traitor and terrorist by the US government.

  18. "...using jewish distraction techniques."

    Is that a thing? Is that a legitimately recognized tool of dialectic? Srsly?

    Marx was a Jew - OK. He deserved to die for Marxism, not being a Jew. There are bad people in every race and ethnicity - so what? Deal with the individual whenever possible. Which leads us to the topic of this thread - individual screening is not sufficient in the face of Muslims because they have a stated goal to eradicate all non-Muslims.

    And, no - 'any person born in America is an American' may work in arguments waged in Academia - not in the real world where people actually engage intellect.

    And once more you loop back to violence - you claim to be a National Socialist. Sorry, your American Card has been revoked. Feel free to remain among us - until you violate Rightful Liberty and try to impose that snot on a real American. Please, I invite you, come try it on me first.

    Unless your next comment has substance and merit, we are done here.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I 'admitted' Marx for the purpose of letting you continue traveling whatever road you think you are on.

      It is a dead end road, here.

      Word of advice: Keep your White Power circle-jerk amongst yourselves. Bring that noise to real Patriots and you will end ugly.

      We are done here.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. To answer your question,understanding of jewish tactics is well known among t he educated NS circles. Mein Kampf even gave a few basic examples.

    More jewish tactics; the acknowledge and distract. You admitted Marx was a jew, but what about the others?

    You call yourself an American, but have you ever read the 1st Ammendment?
    If you have, it gives ANYONE freedom of speech, association and press, along with others. That means that if I was born in America, I have those rights and cannot have my "American card" revoked.

    Ever read the "talmud"? It says to corrupt the non-jew and do everything to kill him.

  21. You insist on trying to make this a Jew issue - and I get it, because that part of your brain is defective. I do not care about your dislike for the Jews - it is simply an IFF tool that helps inform me that you are an Enemy of Liberty with the inability to properly apply critical thinking skills - thus you are incompatible with Rightful Liberty if you act on those broken thought processes.

    Sorry, but your American Card has been revoked by not only me, but many like me who understand you are unfit for decent company and unacceptable as breeding stock. You are no more American than the Communist, Muslim, Liberal, Useful Idiot or anchor baby. You fail to embrace the notion of Rightful Liberty, thus are a textbook example of Nietzsche's '...something to be overcome..."

    This is not the blog for you, as I can not, and will not try, to teach pigs to sing.

    Please do not write further. If you think you must press your point with me, do so in person.

  22. I sincerely doubt that anyone has given you the authority to "revoke my American Card", so it is only you and a few of your fellow jews that think this.
    As such, I do not wish to travel to meet a jew that makes false threats to "stab me in the neck", as this would be a complete waste of time on both our parts.
    Back to the issue at hand; Whether you admit it or not, the leading reds were jews. You mentioned muslisms, who seem to like killing non-muslims. Yet you fail to acknowledge that the jews have the same basic rules for their tribe; kill, harass and lie to the non-jews. Why are you not talking about their atrocities over the years, but instead focus vehemently on "commies" and "killing commies"? Seems like a jewish distraction to anybody that is informed.

    As for my last point; I guarantee that you can and will not carry out your threats, no matter how much you assert them on your blog. You have not and never will "stab a WN in a foxhole", "kill commies" or any other assertions of violence that can be found here. Why don't you drop the pretense of killing your enemies and stop living in video-game land?

    1. Puling your American Card really got under your fascist white skin, huh? Tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry. You are nothing - less than nothing. You are not American. You will never be the equal of an American - even a naturalized American. Your brethren are equally useless to Humanity. You think the BoR was written for you - yet you have no clue just how much real Americans find you to be genetic garbage, passed which we will evolve. Had your momma not dropped you from her blown-out vag on American soil, you'd be just another third-world PoS full of self-loathing because you lack the moral courage to better yourself without blaming others for your inadequacies, mental failings and poor breeding.

      You are not an American - and never will be.

      If you have read my writing for any length of time you know the Kerodins only resort to violence and action in self-defense. Bring it, and you'll get a taste. Just ask Camel Toe, the Prison Bus Driver, and in the near future, their little bitch friends. Run your mouth and continue to hide online, and you are safe - unless we ever share a foxhole and you reveal yourself.

      You and your allies are nothing. My allies will agree that I have given you more than fair time on this blog, and now we are done because you have failed to bring even a single salient point for reasoned discussion.

      Please go to the League of the South, or WN, or StormFront, or WRSA, or Mason Dixon Tactical, or some other venue where your diseased perception of what it means to be American will be embraced.

      I will not post anything further that you send, as I have given you several opportunities to have the last word, and you can't even identify gracious hosting when you see it.

      Die horribly and slowly, you racist fuck.

  23. Heh. Of course Golitsyn was right. He simply told the truth - that communists outnumbered true patriots and had been deeply embedded in FED.GOV for half a century already. It makes perfect sense, because the first progressive age had begun in the 1890s, and had already run it's course by 1945. Global depression and war had given progressivism a bad taste for many people, and so the die-hards took it underground in the US and Europe. But they held the ground they had - in the colleges and universities, in the government, in the unions, and in big business. And, like any secret society is wont to do, they broke all the rules to gain every advantage, to obtain control of more and more of our economy, society, and government.

    Who has been inciting racial unrest in the US since before WW-I? Communists. And why have they done it? To pit Americans against one another, to drain our social and economic resources, and to maintain a running justification for their ever-more tyrannical legislation.

    Who has ensured that illegal immigration, including the use of human "mules" to import contraband, increases year over year, regardless of whether (D)s or (R)s are in control? Commies have. Why? Because they didn't believe that the black population was large/effective enough to constitute a sufficiently large fulcrum to successfully flip our Republic of Republics into a fresh set of Zapadnyye Oblasti Sovetskiye.

    The Turks were 'imported' into Germany beginning in the late 1960s to create just such a fulcrum, because German nationalism was far too strong to turn any particular group of Germans against Germany herself.

    When it was discovered how effective muslims were as a political, economic, and social fulcrum, then the French commies began bringing Nigerian muslims into France in large numbers in the early 1970s... and now we see that they are confident enough that they are using this same ploy throughout Europe to push for the 'saturation point' where everything will be unable to resist breaking.


  24. Continuing:
    Who has obtained control of our banking system, right up to and including the Federal Reserve and every other 'central bank'? Communists have. And what have they done with that power? Driven our Federal and State governments into unrecoverable depths of debt. Why, because debt is the ideal tool for winnowing out the economy, "Picking Winners and Losers", and rewarding their communist friends with easy money and preferential government contracts. All the while destroying the free market, so they can later call it a "failure".

    Who set about the utter removal of all acts and ensigns of faith in the public sphere? Commies did. Because it is a core tennet of communism that the state is the all-powerful "god" to whom all people must submit, and any real God would stand in their way of teaching such a corrupt system. Thus, it was imperative for them to get prayer and religious education out of the schools, and out of the businesses which they control, and certainly out of the government itself, because ultimately they want to instil a pseudo-religious affection for the state into the entire populace, which tolerates no dissent.

    If you are thinking that communism sounds a lot like what we've been saying about islam recently, here's your gold star. Because communism and islam are both aiming for the exact same outcome... they just started at the opposite ends of the plan. Communism entered society as a political and economic system which aspires to also become a pseudo-religion. islam started at the other end, first claiming to be a religion, while it's real goals have always been absolute and total control of the populace and commerce.

    islam and communism, folks, mirror images of each other. Both tools of Satan, and both deeply entrenched in most parts of the world. And for about 25 years now, they are working hand-in-hand to destroy Western Society, and ultimately to erase even the memory of Rightful Liberty from the human race.

    Their objective is total control - socially, legally, economically, religiously, and in every other way.
    That is their end-game, and it should seriously scare you, because they are a lot closer to it than most people would even dare to imagine.

    *THAT'S WHY* the big push, right now, everywhere. They can smell victory in the air, and are working towards it at a truly frenzied pace, all around the world.
    Facts are facts, and the facts of this situation are very simple - if we do not do something *substantial* to turn the tide, starting right now, and persisting throughout the rest of our lifetime, then the last generation to live with any semblance of Rightful Liberty has already been born. And their grandchildren will never, in their entire lives, even hear the word "Liberty", let alone contemplate its meaning...


  25. Anon/Will - no. You are done here.


  26. K - the thing about NS is that it always picks one group to begin it's work against. And what most NS are too short-sighted to see is that - sooner or later, NS becomes straigh-out communism, and employs the exact same tyranny against *all* but the ruling elite.

    The NS's systematic scapegoating is just a systematic exercise of Hegelian Dialectic, as a very effective way of dividing up their enemies politically, so they can defeat them one at a time.

    As Niemoller said -
    First they came for the Socialists,
    and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
    and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Niemoller is a living testimony to scripture -
    "...By their fruits you shall know them ~ A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them." ~Matthew 7:15~20

    Not to speak the Truth that we know, is to withold our fruit as witnesses to the Truth. And witholding good fruit is as much a fault as giving forth evil fruit - in both cases we are found fit for the fire.

    Or, as Bonhoffer said -
    “Silence in the face of evil
    is itself evil:
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak.
    Not to act is to act.”

    Perhaps a bit heavy on the irony - that both quotes come from Germans who stood against Nazi'ism, and who both suffered dearly for it - but God has given us a history for our education, and I for one am not willing to cast it aside, in favor of the process of repeating the mistakes of others.

    For in this regard also,


  27. Will/Anon/NS - no, you are done here.

    You are the problem - an unAmerican PoS with a broken brain to be dealt with just like the rest of those destroying our country and culture.

    Your 'discussion' that you'd like to continue has no merit here. Go back to StormFront or whatever dark corner of the net your ilk calls home and sell the garbage you are trying to sell where they are buying Stupid. This is not the place for you.


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