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Friday, December 11, 2015

Connect the dots...

Not long after another very successful PatCon, a small group of Free Shit Army 'Patriots' started yet another anti-K campaign.  This one lasted for several months.  I heeded the counsel of several 'III Elders' to not engage in public - that was my mistake and I own it.  We'll talk about the behavior modification Mrs. Kerodin brought to the table at another time.  Hint: You stalk my wife, you get the full Kerodin.  And you'd better pray the legal system resolves the issue.

Now I am speaking to a very, very small group of the 13,000 people who come to this website every day.  Bill Nye warned many of us years ago, and several prominent militia Leaders in particular, that the White Nationals, National Socialists and affiliated genetic waste had deeply infiltrated the Liberty Movement.  Several of us were able to back-fist several such people out of the public view - but Bill was proved correct - the racist elements have firmly entrenched in the Liberty Movement, and many, far too many, wrap the cloak of the III around their shoulders.  People like SFC Barry and JC Dodge are given prominence by III 'Elders' who disclaim it as 'Free Speech' and 'Challenging paradigms' - racists and self-identified LEO, .Gov employees, Free Shit Army 'Patriots', et cetera, are held out as 'Patriot Leaders'.

Here is a dot for my allies to connect: I have gladly walked away from all of those people - for the racism, the lack of intellectual honesty, the duplicities, et cetera.  Now pay very close attention: A post I made just about 2 years ago suddenly was visited by a self-identified National Socialist who tried to bait me on several fronts.  You can read the original post here - be certain to read the recent comments.

** Be certain to note all the comments he elected to delete... **

Serious Patriots: A very large segment of the 'Liberty Movement' has been infiltrated and compromised by provocateurs who DO NOT want forward progress on tangible Liberty efforts.  The TOC is staged and ready to roll.  The Citadel owns property and has families moving to the AO.  III Arms has product available despite attempts to kill the company.  The Society has a calendar of events scheduled well into 2016 despite lies and liars.  Jedburgh Academy has property and classes and trainers set for spring 2016.

And just weeks after supposed 'banishment' from a group of do-nothing 'Patriots' - the National Socialists make a very prominent appearance back on the III Percent Blog.  Do you not see the connection?  (Point: The III blogosphere did not make me - they can not end me...)

Connect the dots.  I have no time or inclination to explain it to slow-thinkers - this fight is far too engaged to pause for newbies.  Recognize events for what they are and start swinging - Liberty is being murdered and the only people between Liberty and Tyranny are you and me.

Bill Nye is one of the most insightful Patriots in America.  Go here and read the original post - then read the new comments by the National Socialist who suddenly showed on the scene.  Ask yourself: Why?

RevWarIII is underway, Patriots.  Step up or step off - being on the fence is no longer acceptable.

IFF people.  This ain't no fucking game.


  1. I have a feeling that the comments that the NS deleted were fragments and were of no use to the conversation. Not because the NS said "something wrong"

    1. 'Feel' what you will.

      'Thinking' is what is required, however...

  2. @Anonymous - Archaeologists reconstruct entire societies from the 'fragments' they find. Are you seriously suggesting that what he deleted would add no value to our understanding of his position? Seriously?
    Because seeing the "incomplete thoughts" which you *assume* he disposed of and started over - well, I suspect thost castings would tell us more about him than what he actually left us. They would, in all likelihood, show us his genuine ideological boundaries, and also reflect quite clearly on how 'mature' his position is in his own mind - is he trying to express ideas which are new to him, or are these beliefs he has held for a lifetime?

    So, either you are naieve, sir, or you are providing cover for the retreat of a friend, so that he doesn't appear quite so vanquished as he is.

    Either way, your own credibility now wanes thin...


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