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Friday, December 11, 2015

What Muslims Believe...

The lass who posted this is on Facebook - here. She is the real deal - Patriot.

Playtime is over, Americans.  We will survive or die as a culture - and it is on you and me - not our children, not our LEO, not our .mil, not our politicians.

Step the fuck up.

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  1. And that's just the short, short version.
    The quran states in over 30 verses that Kafer (the unbeliever) is worse than a murderer, and deserves to be put to death because he has not yet submitted (become a muslim). Of these, it is plainly alleged that Christians and Jews are the worst, because they know that there is one supreme God, but have not accepted Muhammad as his messenger...

    So it is plain and programmatic that muslims will always want to kill Christians and jews, because according to their 'book' we are the worst scum immaginable, but they might put up with us if we pay enough in bribes (Jizya) to the imams who run the local mosque...

    Any questions?


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