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Friday, December 11, 2015

Successes of 'Patriots' - yeah...

For all the 'smuggling' and hyperbolic blustering over the years by 'Patriots' - let's look at facts.

Connecticut: The Governor plans to ban sales of 2A to anyone on the no-fly list.

Yeah, there's a major victory for the 'Not One More Inch Crowd.'  Huzzah!  Well done!

New York: The SAFE Act rocks on without impediment, despite 'smuggling' and cries of non-compliance by the same 'Not One More Inch' crowd.  

Neither state has a single, effective group working to roll back the provisions or hold the politicians responsible.  Way to go Keyboard 'Patriots'.

Colorado isn't backing up.  Washington & Oregon smirk and scoff at 2A advocates seeking to roll-back their recent impediments to 2A.  'Patriots' in the State House let a 100-year-old door with a paper sign taped on it stop them from entering the chamber - 'Patriots' armed to the teeth (if you call zip-tied firearms and empty mags 'armed to the teeth')

California - fuhgetaboutit.  The Lt. Governor promises a straight majority rules ballot initiative on 2A ownership as a campaign plank when he runs - and he'll win.  I've seen Camel Toe in person, folks - I've seen him quiver and beg for a plea -- if you think he'll be leading the charge against 2A confiscation in Cali - you are a fucking idiot.  I know a coward when I see one - and the Milfy Mouth is a textbook example.

Maryland likes to brag it has the second-toughest 2A laws in the country - yet it has had 315+ murders in Baltimore alone this year.  No leadership from Maryland 'Patriots' to push back that trend - unless you consider taking third-rate 'Tactical Training Course' from a Maryland 'Patriot' (usually offered free because he can't fill a class with paying students) as 'legitimate action' - just be careful you don't end up in a Maryland Prisoner Transport van driven by such a 'Patriot' - you might just end up like Freddie Gray.

And for the love of all that is Holy don't look to the Super Patriot Boy Wonder in the V.A. to take point of any Patriot Project and see it through - some people simply aren't built for real work.

Calls are coming from many quarters for an outright ban on 2A - from the front page of the NYT to the liberal/Marxist blogosphere and commentariat.  Sure, such actions mean civil war - but they don't care.  They've seen the likes of the Patriot FSA and know those 'Patriots' will never go to the Green.

Meanwhile the average 'Patriot' buys more guns and puts them in the safe while patting himself on the back for 'defying' the Political Class.  Yet how often do you meet such 'Patriots' at places like MVT?  How often do you meet such 'Patriots' who are actually fit and conditioned training together in serious modalities of resistance?

Six states have 'Constitutional Carry': Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming.  Idaho will make the list in the next few legislative sessions.

Islam and domestic Traitors have brought murder to our shores.  Traitors among us import south-of-the-border invaders to dilute American culture.  FedGov takes the position that States have no right to refuse these invaders.

When you few serious Patriots are ready to stop playing footsie with keyboard Warriors, the racists, anarchists, liars, the high-school girl cliques that call themselves 'Patriots' and circle-jerk all over themselves and the members of their echo chambers - let me know.  The Camel Toe Brigade, the 'Constitution is a Joke' Brigade, the Whites-Only Contingent, the 'Not one more inch' bloviators are worse than Enemies of Liberty - they give the Enemies of Liberty freedom to operate without pushback.

Fucking genetic waste.

America was not built by such men.  Western Civilization was not built by such cowards.

It will not be saved by the likes of keyboard blowhards.

This is not a broad public blog, aching for high comment counts.  We do not regurgitate Drudge headlines for content.  We do not link endless self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing contributors to the general noise.  

Write me if you are serious.  In the last 4 months since I have been active on non-public projects, I have not seen one single public III Project launched, supported, or effective.  That should tell you something.  You can run your mouth, hang with those who run their mouths - or you can ignore the folks who indulge in auto- and mutual fellatio - or you can help make real, tangible progress.

I have met well-over a thousand of you face-to-face.  A very, very small number are serious enough to take action and make a difference.  You are the people I encourage to write.

A serious and capable Three Man Team in each AO can change America - if you have the balls to act, and not talk.  See you soon in CDA, Boise, Laramie, Sacramento, DC, and beyond.  Let's get to fucking work, already.

That is all.


  1. Maryland "patriot"? Laughable. He's the same one who bad mouths other trainers who aren't in with him, gives the impression he was high speed low drag SF but was only basic infantry and also likes to steal things of honor for his own use. Ranger Scroll anyone? Mason Dixon Longrifles indeed!

    1. And you sir, hit the X ring. ;)

      Just another racist, teat-suckling member of the Free Shit Army who could not survive without a .Gov paycheck. And the moment he rolls-up those he has 'trained', he'll get a paycheck for driving them to prison.

      My sources tell me the other shoe(s) still have not dropped on his little red wagon. I'm looking forward to that squealing when it happens. I'm a very patient man...

  2. Io Saturnalia!
    Dum stultos euadere,
    formicae fodere magis.
    Factas patienter sufferre.
    Etiam sub pedibus eorum ...

    Quid quid autem; transiens ultra.

    Tout ce qui était,
    doivent passer
    et sera pas plus.

    Vive le France!
    Notre amour va à la;
    qui nous a montré la vérité
    par si souffrance ...

    Très gracieux merci,
    et en mai le Christ
    vous bénisse toujours.

  3. The translation (google) from latin and french. I hope it's correct.

    io Saturnalia!
    While foolish to waste
    The ants dig more.
    Bear it patiently.
    Even under their feet ...
    Whatever the case; Passing more.
    Everything that was,
    must go and will be no more.

    Vive le France!
    Our love will;
    who showed us the truth
    if by pain ...
    Thank you very graceful ,
    and May Christ
    bless you always.

  4. Matt and all, Google is awful for translation (what it really does is more of transliteration) of anything the slightest bit emotional, let alone poetic. Since you posted the goo, let me share what I'd consider a much better translation to English, though it *is* still a translation -

    Cheer in the carnival (ancient festival of the god Saturn, which begins on the winter solstice)
    While idiots fiddle,
    the ants continue to dig,
    Even under their feet.
    That which passes,
    shall fall away.
    The time of every thing
    must pass away,
    to be gone forever.

    Long live France!
    Whom we have loved (as brothers);
    Who showed us the Truth,
    Though by her pains(wounds)...
    In this we offer
    our most grateful thanks,
    and hope that Christ
    may bless you (France),

    The first is in Latin, and addresses the Catholic Church (and certain others who will recognize my salutation), which has a bad case of ants and termites, eating out her truth and making the way for her collapse. Saint Peter's Square was once the place of pagan revelers who celebrated the Saturnailia with all of it's wild excesses; it may soon be the place where muslims hold sharia court and amputate the heads of their enemies, if they does not awaken to the urgent need for a modern day Lepanto.

    The second is more obvious, and addressed to France and her people, who have suffered so greatly to prove to us the truth of islam's incompatibility with the Western world.

    Good night, all. I'm done for the day.

    1. LT - thank you. We have met and broken bread. I find you one of the most educated and intelligent (common sense) people I have known - and I think that like me, much of your knowledge is self-learned. May the world never truly understand just how deathly serious and capable you are, sir. You, Matt, ToneDeaf, CavMedic, Miss V and a very few others are where Liberty will live, or die.


    2. I'm honored, sir, by your generous words, as I have been by your hospitality.

      The money quote is right here, folks -
      A serious and capable Three Man Team in each AO can change America. I give full testimony to the truth of this statement - 3 determined men in each town is all it would take.

      And yes, K, I have always been insatiably curious, ever hungry to learn new things, and to push the bounds of experience. I have knocked and was given entry; I have searched and I have found. His promise still rings true, though many I would haply have called friends have turned away. But that was their choice, freely made and freely accepted. Sadly, so be it.

      And now, older and very full, I see why my path was made so very convoluted, wildly circling the globe and doing such a variety of things - that I could teach others to recognize many dangers, and to do many things; and also that I might bear true witness among many people, wherever I am called to do so.
      And with this I am satisfied. But if I am called to do more, then more I shall. There are always boots beside this soldiers bed, ready to be laced up; and I do not fear those who can only kill the body...

    3. I fully agree with everything K mentions about LT but would like to add his faith and humility to the list. All of these attributes make for very informative and inspiring writings.

      Speaking for myself, I feel I'm a better Patriot and Christian on account of his words. Thanks Chuck.

  5. Any other serious Patriots want to weigh-in here? Keyboard wannabe's - don't bother typing. Add your name to this select list if you are serious. Otherwise, go circle-jerk elsewhere.


  6. You know where I stand on the Plastic Patriots issue K.

    I have a question,

    Milfy midgets
    Camel toes
    Titty tuesdays
    And red headed hoes

    What do any of these things do to promote Rightful Liberty?
    Anyone? Anyone at all?

    1. I say this with a serious sadness in my heart: We Patriots opften worry and contemplate 'Provocatuers' in our midst who are tasked to divert our attention, split our loyalties, distract our focus. And here they are, right in front of us - anarchists, smut peddlers, shiite-talkers who do nothing tangible.

      These are the provocateurs and agents of whom we were warned - dressed as 'Patriots' - yet diverting, distracting and dividing.

      Sad that so few can see it.

  7. statesman.com/news/news/gun-rights-groups-to-stage-mock-mass-shooting-at-u/npf38/
    Mock mass shooting changes location after warnings from UT 6:32 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015

    Without question, not only is
    this a ridiculously STUPID waste
    of time, it is criminally impotent.
    I refer back to your previous
    questions/posts, in which you focused
    on whether patriot actions actually
    "furthered Liberty" with "tactical victories"
    in any way.
    This 'action' is most certainly an epic
    fail, since the moment of idea conception.
    For the record, this 'action' was organized by Come and Take It Texas and Dontcomply.com.
    The 'firearms' and 'weapons' participants will be using oversized cardboard cutouts.
    From the facebook page of Dontcomply: "We must work to end Gun Free Zones in Texas so Saturday Dec 12th we will gather at 11:30am at 2426 San Antonio St, Austin Texas for an open carry walk with our rifles and legal black powder pistols. At noon we will walk down Guadalupe St next to the UT campus. Ending the walk back at the meet up point, San Antonio Parking Garage. After putting up our guns we will return to the UT campus to put on a theatrical performance starting at 2:30pm. This will be an epic event. See you all there!"

  8. Success!

    Conn. to ban gun sales to ‘no fly’ listers
    John Bacon, USA TODAY 5:11 p.m. CST December 10, 2015
    Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Thursday he will sign an executive order banning people on federal terrorism watch lists from buying guns in the state.

    Brian J. Wood was hired by Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman on June 27, 2013, roughly a year and a half after being terminated by the McCall Police Department following an incident in which he body-slammed a 78-year-old heart patient named Rodney Whaley.

    Louisiana cops indicted for murder of 6-year-old autistic boy
    However, "Defense attorney Jonathan Goins, who is representing Stafford, said he had not yet seen the evidence, but his client deserved his day in court.

    "I believe there was a rush to judgment," Goins said.

    Greenhouse was released from jail after posting $1 million bail. An attorney for Stafford, who remains in jail, said his client cannot afford the $1 million bail and has asked a judge to lower the amount."




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