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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Here's a comment we rec'd from a very brave Anonymous commentor regarding our Direct Action discussion:

Uh huh, anyone advocating preemptive action is suspect as an agent provacateur. This site is on notice, III Percenters is on notice. Cease and desist. We know who you are.

Obviously this is some form of unAmerican Liberal/Marxist who thinks he is capable of intimidating III Patriots anonymously with his '...we know who you are...' manliness.

'Cease & Desist' - Ha!

Now - I know all of you are diving into hidey-holes right now because of this guy's disapproval - but try not to go fetal.  ;)

Here's the link.

I like Snow Days - I get to catch up online a little bit. 


  1. Cease and desist?

    No. He can cease and desist and get the hell out of my country.

    Now, that I've quit trembling with fear I'm going to go bake Christmas cookies to calm my nerves. ;-)

  2. Who's marriage will you ruin with this batch? ;)

    Just don't eat them.

  3. Oh, let me go wring the urine out of my socks! For the anonymous chastizer of the interWEB has put me on notice, and nothing escapes his potent wrath....

    Like a fart in a bottle, he is most potent to himself - and to all else but a frivolous amusement. Thus do we pause a moment to chuckle, before going about or regular business. Thanks anon, I needed a good laugh...

  4. who's country ? cause it ain't yours or mine. We are all debt slaves. We are denied our most basic god given rights and we are all too cowardly to stand up for them. Semper fi patriots !!

  5. I'm shocked that Hillary has found your site. I bet if you register as a Dem she will stand down.

    Name this song, 'What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not free to be as twisted as I want to be?'

  6. Hillary Clinton Campaign Country Song



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