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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow Day!

Idaho rocks!


  1. Nice! How do the dogs like the snow?
    We got two feet plus on Sunday in Central Oregon and are expecting more throughout the week.

  2. You've been hammered! We have about 8" or so from last night. It is really beautiful. Dogs are loving it. Hana (our brown girl) is a long-haired Akita - so she collects softball-sized snow dangleberries all over her tummy & legs. But it doesn't slow her down! I just added a pic - they are hamming it up for the pic.

    btw - we are really interested in doing a Gun Show in your AO sooner rather than later - I know we've talked about it before, but let's hammer something down. Miss V will probably be joining us. We had some OUTSTANDING III Patriots from Northern Cali attend the Idaho show last weekend - it was awesome.

  3. I'm sure the dogs love it but no thanks. Been mid 70's here in NC for the past week, thank you Al Gore!
    Have a good snowball fight but throw another log on the fire.

  4. And what's the others name?
    I bet Hana is enjoying being out of the DC heat and humidity with all of that hair. God knows I am. :)
    They're calling for an additional 3 feet from this storm that is going to hit tonight. I've only seen that much snow in the 1996 DC blizzard.

    Email me when you get a chance and we'll look at our options for 2016. Glad to hear the show was a success.

    1. Hana-Matsu is the gal, Hiro-Matsu is the lad.

      For the record - Miss V's cookies may have ended at least one marriage. ;) A particular wife had fresh cookies for her husband by the time he got home from the show - you should ask her about it. ;)


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