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Sunday, December 27, 2015

III Cookbook - Passing the Torch

We've already begun looking at the 2016 Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous to follow-on our successful event last summer.  This coming year we are considering the addition of specialized training to book-end the weekend PatCon - perhaps a Tactical Training course, perhaps Comms, perhaps Combat Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun 101 & 201 - possibilities are many. One workshop that is almost certain during PatCon is a complete 80% AR Build.  And maybe even a 1911 80% Build Workshop.  Your input is welcome.

For last summer's event a III Cookbook was considered as a fundraiser.  Miss V and H worked hard to bring together recipes from many in the community, including Starvin' Larry/GameGetterII.  But the project evolved to something more substantial, and rather than use the concept as a fundraiser for the 2016 PatCon, Miss V and H have handed Larry the reins as a fundraiser for his Mobile Kitchen Project.  Touch base with Larry and give him your support for his project!  Here's the link to Larry's post.  

Here's the link from the PatCon Crew.

PatCon will probably be earlier this year, depending on many factors, including weather. But we'd like to launch the first Jedburgh Academy Training Programs with PatCon so those of you who want both PatCon and Training can plan for a single trip.  More details to follow - if I remain alive.  I am often threatened with violence from the PatCon Planning Committee...

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