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Sunday, December 6, 2015

To the Right, to the Right...

Where France is headed - here.

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  1. Unfortunately, it takes a serious disaster to rattle people back to reality. However, even if the French Right takes power, it won't last. There are simply too many that want someone else to pay for their shit - this is a global trend that will never go away until the "Free Shitters" die off. So for every 1/2 step forward the French take, or the USA for that matter, it only takes a year or two at most and then the country takes 2 steps back.

    Puerto Rico is in debt $70 Billion - they want Wal-Mart to pay for it by taxing them out of business. So let a bunch of liberal, commie, socialist run the country into the ground and let someone else bail them out - first Wal-Mart then us tax payers.

    Here in the USA, it is only those that run private companies that get run out of their jobs if they fail - .gov allows the failures to keep their jobs, receive bonuses, sometimes even promotions, and then they want to raise our taxes to pay for the incompetence and thus there is no incentive to fix the problem.

    "The new levy raised the estimated cumulative income tax on Wal-Mart Puerto Rico Inc. “to an astonishing and unsustainable 91.5% of its net income,” according to the company’s complaint, filed in federal court in San Juan Friday".

    Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-05/wal-mart-sues-puerto-rico-over-astonishing-tax-increases

    If I were the Wal-Mart execs, I would give Puerto Rico one last chance to not only rescind the increase but also require a decrease of 10% - no bartering, no negotiations - just a "take it or leave it" offer. If Puerto Rico rejects it, Wal-Mart should shut down all their stores, demolish all of the buildings and other land improvements, and leave the island.

    Let's see what kind of changes that disaster brings to the islands government. It's more likely that nothing will change because you and I will be bailing them out and sending them more free shit. After all, what's another $70 Billion?



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