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Saturday, December 5, 2015

We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns

A Liberal/Marxist/Useful Idiot/Quisling view - here.

A reply from a few folks in Idaho - here.  Boise, February 20.


  1. This is why collectivists always demand universal sufferage - because stupid people are easy to manipulate, particularly once the've been herded into large groups, i.e. political parties. It's why they're always talking about "democracy", when what they really mean is "idiocracy" - a tyranny of the (manipulated) majority.

    Back when we actually had a Republic of Republics, there were some reasonable standards one had to satisfy for State Citizenship, and that at least helped to keep the political discourse from deveolving into the assenine chaos we witness today.
    Now, our nation and our society are lost, adrift in a vacuous sea of swelling stupidity and obscene self-agrandizement.

    There is no reasonable hope or expectation that the small voice of sanity and restraint shall ever again be heard amidst the mass cacophany of ignorance, greed, and willful dementia which this our nation has become, until the silence which comes in the settling dust just after dawn, when finally the guns which have pounded through the night take their rest, and the gunners survey the damage which their dark art has laid upon the landscape.

    Then perhaps, among the remnant, some shall incline to hear the sweet thin voice of mans' nobility, sobbing amidst the rubble, and go to comfort her - building about her shattered home a new bastion, and pledging to defend it with their all, as it was in times gone by...

  2. What a fucking disgrace and communist/islamic
    dictatorship our Republic has become.
    Say what you want about the
    shortcomings of Western Europe, but this
    is what a counter terrorism commander in
    Britain had to say a few hours after a knife
    attack at an Underground station.
    Knife attacker slashes man in London "terrorist incident"
    A knife attacker slashed a man at an east London metro station, reportedly screaming "this is for Syria", in what police described as a terrorist incident, prompting the government to urge Britons on Sunday not to be intimidated by the attack.

  3. I believe barry will drop some treasonous
    EO bullshit tonight, its not like committing treason
    is something new and rare for him.
    Think about it.
    What is missing from the current tidal wave of
    treasonous babble that we normally hear when
    sedition against the Second Amendment is
    It is the communists and their quislings tough-talking
    about how they don't need Congressional approval
    on restricting firearms possession and ownership, just
    go ahead and EO it.
    My guess is that why it has taken him five days
    (as if it makes a difference) to finally address the nation.
    His band of treasonous criminals were drafting and wording
    the edict that may be announced tonight.
    And if my assessment is incorrect, good.

    1. I think you are right - my gut tells me he intends to do 'something' on the 2A front. I doubt if he'll go too Hard - but he'll test the waters and go much further than most 2A advocates will like. Then if he gets even moderate confidence, he'll go much, much harder when the next San Bernadino, Colorado, Paris/Mumbai on the Potomac occurs.

  4. Mumbai on the Potomac is exactly what it has become - there are more muslims living from Tysons Corner out through Chantilly, than there are between Tbilisi and Baku. Just one more charge of TREASON for Bathhouse Barry to face...

  5. twitter.com/RepSteveIsrael
    Steve Israel ‏@RepSteveIsrael 5h ago
    If #GOP refuses 2 stop terrorists from buying guns,reduce #GunViolence & protect Americans- House D's will make them

    Dems try to force vote on ‘no-fly’ list gun limits
    The push is part of a larger messaging campaign the party will deploy this week. By Lauren French 12/07/15 02:08 PM EST Updated 12/07/15 06:37 PM EST


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