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Friday, December 4, 2015

It Can't Happen Here

Connect the dots.

ChiComs to put people in prison for 'spreading rumors' - here.

DoJ won't tolerate 'anti-Muslim' speech - here.

When Washington and Beijing are essentially in lock-step, there is a problem.  

Check your Normalcy Bias status.


  1. The Department of "Just Us" has only one form of power - the inflicting of fear. Once you get past that, you realize that they could never actually enforce anything, not willingly submitted to by the people.
    Regardless of what anyone says, our system truly is a voluntary one, because there's no way the could ever force us to comply.
    Even a very small minority - just a handful of millions - could completely derail and render void any law, order, or decree coming from Fed.Gov. Look at prohibition if you need proof, or the 40 year "war on drugs".

    The federal establishment can't accomplish sh*t without our consent...
    Which means that it's time to withdraw our consent. It can be done in 3 easy steps -

    ...it's time.

  2. "DoJ won't tolerate 'anti-Muslim' speech" Tyrants and tyranny are active within the USA government at all levels. Will We, the People be forced to act as advised by the Founders when tyranny becomes too prominent?

    Revolutionary War Two may be the only route left to us.


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