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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Evil retreats or flourishes...

...your choice.

Beat it with sticks until it retreats or it is dead - or you permit it to flourish.

Simple arithmetic.



  1. Evil not only flourishes, but it feeds on the brains of people who refuse to think for themselves.

    As far as beating it with a stick, if the commies have their way, that is all we will have at our disposal to defend ourselves.

    Then there is the great cry across the land that "they" need to "do something" to protect the American people.

    Oh, and don't overlook slobbering adoration of our militarized police forces and now can you see why they need all that surplus military gear and vehicles. After all the president of the Order of Police said it was silly to think that gear was military grade, all the military "stuff" had been stripped from it.

    False flag? Well, even if it's not, it's sure seems to be working for the commies, now doesn't it?

  2. "Evil not only flourishes, but it feeds on the brains of people who refuse to think for themselves."
    So true! Throw in some good ole fashioned laziness for the others that refuse to do their homework and believe the lies of others and you have ignorance.
    Be ready for a full court press for "common sense gun control laws" to be demanded by the commies.

  3. At this point, "common sense gun control" would be for the governors of the states to call out their militias, and do a little house-cleaning, IMHO.
    But it won't happen - nearly every governor in the nation is too concerned with trying to maintain the status quo, to ever do something good for his state which might risk loosing some or all of the federal money their budgets depend on. Just one more way we're all entrapped by "Lickspittle, dee dee."

  4. but we can't defend ourselves against evil with deadly force, only cardboard signs and speechifying in 1st amendment zones. This strategy has done well thus far !! semper fi patriots !!!!


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