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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And here we go...

Mall evacuated near initial kill zone
They came prepared to do what they did; they were on a mission...
Suspected pipe bomb recovered from a suspect, law enforcement official says...
UPDATE: Two suspects in custody, possibly another at large...
REPORT: 'Men dressed in ski masks and military gear'...
Shot three times, man calls father and wife to say 'I love you... Don't worry'
Active-shooter drills every month at Inland Regional Center...
ISIS Extremists Celebrate Shootings With America Burning Hashtag...


  1. No description of the assailants. Seems to me if they were 'tighty-whitey TeaParty terrorists' that would be the main headline on every news website...

    But many things about this depraved act just dont have the stink of jihad about them, IMHO.
    Im thinking good ol' homegrown lefties laid this attrocity down. In the twisted logic of an irredeemably corroded progressive mind, could this be some depraved act of revenge for the PP shooting in Colorado?

    Waiting with baited breath to see what flavor of the week is being apllied to the tripple-scoop sundae of war, death, and depravity they keep serving. /sarc

  2. A few general questions I have; NBC News (yeah I know I know) reported they were wearing "Assault-style" (I am not kidding) clothing, so what is this exactly? Or, it appears we have a new made-up word like "Assault-weapons". Better get yer camo clothes now before they try and ban it! Next, of course the lamestream media is already saying this maybe work place violence right? Since this guy left then came back and started shooting. SO it was not planned then right? Wait, hold on a sec, they also found a bomb; so did this guy run home real quick and whip up a bomb, changes into his cool-guy clothes then grab a gun too? Good grief!!!! Go ahead and tell me again how this was not a planned and coordinated act of terror!

    Honestly we just need to find the giant Red Reset button on all of humanity; throw us back to the stone-age for a few thousands years. Whittle us all down to a few million at best, and if I am not one of the ones to make it, so be it. I would at least die with the pleasure knowing that maybe, just maybe we might get it right the next go-round...

  3. California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. How's that working out? The man was U.S. born, and then radicalized. Went overseas.... his wife was born in the middle east, they both clearly had 'something' planned, they were ready and this was just their first opportunity. At least the local LE doesn't seem to be afraid of the word "terrorism", or do drawing the possible connection to the middle east. Obama already says "workplace violence", but from his position as Muslim cuckold that's not surprising... and i agree, LT, if it was white people.... (actually, initial descriptions said "the shooters were white") stormfriend sends

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi89meqLyIo
    No need to be dumbfounded America.
    The authorization to let the shameless quisling
    whores and vultures of state media into
    that residence came straight from the
    bathhouse barry administration, with the
    go order directly issued from red diaper valerie
    and signed off by bathhouse barry.
    Moreover, not only was physical evidence intentionally/unintentionally
    destroyed, some were only posing as 'journalists' were present
    with orders to remove evidence that identified other muslim
    terrorists and accomplices.
    That is not the question, for it has long since been
    clearly answered.
    president bathhouse, his inner circle, and the overwhelming
    majority of 'elected' professional politicians are treasonous,
    traitorous and seditious shitbags, some are communists, some are
    'progressive liberals,' some are supposedly 'conservative republicans,'
    and some are 99.999% of the 'democratic' party.
    And some are active muslim terrorists like president bathhouse barry.


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