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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WWIII Watch: France Closes 3 Mosques

Europe is going to burn in the near future.

Nationalists will win in the end.  The EU is over.

Ripples will cross the pond to our shores.

Here's the piece.

And you may simply ignore the next-gen Nuclear C&C bird Russia is putting into service here.  Totally unrelated to everything, it is...


  1. The globalists want and need the upcoming war/wars. War is just another tool used for control.

    A bit off topic, but has anyone read the Albert Pike 3 wars doctrine? Is it legit or has it been doctored to fit the narrative?

    1. Yet another mass shooting, another shooter claiming Absolved was his muse for the wicked act.

  2. OMG, SMH. Fox News Just announced shooters in San Bernardino are some how connected to to the book Absolved and a website that promotes violence to queers and liberals called lucy and charlie god dammit, no wait....I think it was something like " I am a former commie and my buddy is a former gang banger and drug dealer that ruined many lives peddling his dope, yet he is now reformed because he only peddles porn and lies" Oh wait we have the antagonists yet we need the protagonists. ....they must be the bilble thumpers in the 111 community licking the nut sack of the dope dealer....opps FORMER DOPE DEALER AND LIFE RUINER OF YOUR BABY'S HE SOLD DOPE TO....
    Yes the bible thumpers wearing the coveted white suits. Many FORMERS OUT THERE. strange how the 111 community snake handlers take no exception to the FORMER DRUG DEALER bragging about how many times he beats off a day.....strange bedfellows indeed. Gotta love the 111 baby jebus lovers and their love for Former Drug Dealers and Commies, please don't forget to brag about gow many times you beat your meat.......hungry purple grape ape.

  3. Hungry grape ape, be sure....after comms class to share with your sweetie the FORMER DRUG DEALERS PENITENT FOR PLAYING WITH HIMSELF, perhaps yor sweetie might get off on it.

  4. May god bless che in his final moments. ...I do have to wonder how he accepted the baby jebus as his savior. ..god bless his sweet soul. Now how in the fuck is he going to show up at the pearly gates with the DRUG DEALER TAINT ON HIS SOUL? CHE might as well assume you will need lots of fucking ice in your afterlife. SMILE! And kitty boy make sure you or the drug dealer give the commies wife a break
    ......bring a napkin.

  5. Kitty boy I am not foolish to think I may or may not have enemies in my AO. HA.....Bitch they already announced their presence long ago....fool.

  6. Wishing all you screeds would pack yourselves and your filthy language up in a nice tight sphincter, and mail yourselves to Kathmandu...with bulk-rate postage.

    Big boys have serious things to discuss, while you bluster as idiots, full of sound and fury.
    Meanwhile a small few of us are indeed supp'ed full of horrors; and yet all direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts, cannot again arouse me.
    And ask not whereof come the cries without; for before this day is plaid out, the cries shall besiege us all, coming from every which way, unanswerable. Unanswerable.
    And in those cries a demand for salvation, and a hoary penitent dirge playing by, Lady Macbeth, and is' t not querried by her a million times a night, "yet who would have thought, the old Republic to have had so much blood left in it?"

    Yet still, the donkey breys, "Out, damn spot!"

  7. Oh Lort, I need more popcorn, lol. ;-)


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