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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Badness: Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters


**UPDATE**  The Hammonds surrendered to B.O.P. and it seems some of the folks at the wildlife refuge are having second thoughts.

This is what happens when you have an inarticulate and/or unattainable goal, a bad plan, and insufficient mettle and grit to Go Hard.  I am NOT giving anyone at the refuge a hard time. I truly believe 'most' of them have their hearts in the right place.  I am merely pointing out that when you leave the porch - leave the f'n porch.

When you set out to take Vienna - TAKE VIENNA!

We saw the same thing with two unguarded wooden doors that out-witted and out-manned the 'Not one more inch' Sipsey Crew in a state Capitol building.

Go Hard or stay home, folks.  Every Fail is exponentially crippling to Liberty Forces.

Here's the update.

Remember the key distinguishing characteristic of the original III Patriots: They not only had rifles, they used them...

Having an AR does not make you III.

You are either III - or not.  Your heart reveals all, eventually.

PS: This is far from over in Oregon, methinks...

...and this is why RevWarIII is inevitable and imminent.


  1. It seems someone is intent on filling a body bag or two.

    The comments are something else. It is amazing the amount of vitriol from citizens aimed at anyone who questions or defies the government.

    1. The comments on all of these stories are where we see Civil War is inevitable. The divisions are too great, and too many on both sides are unwilling to leave the other side alone.

  2. Dumbasses.

    Anyone want me to elaborate? Do you need an explanation?

    1. Alright...as long as you offered, I'll take that explanation. Just keep in mind that I'm not interested in why you think they're dumbasses; I'm interested only in what you propose to do because you think that.

      FTR, and because it may help you focus on your explanation, here's my comment on the matter just submitted at another blog and not posted yet, if it ever does get posted.


      "We need that fire station and we love the wildlife refuge."

      I feel your pain. I play the state-run lottery myself, about once a year.

      Now could someone please stand forth and declare exactly who is the complainant against these folk who are occupying this building? In order for a crime to have been committed--and State violence to be properly engaged against them--there MUST be an individual or individuals who have been hurt. This is absolutely fundamental for ANY attempt at ANY rational Law. THERE CANNOT BE A CRIME WITHOUT A COMPLAINANT. Or proxy, duh.

      I suppose the folk who work in the building are being physically obstructed. Here's the thing with that, though. Who owns the building? If there's an employer/employee relationship, then it's the occupiers who are the employers and how can you wrongfully occupy property that you yourself own? Oh well, I guess such conundrums are what happens when the world is full of "public property."

      Anyway, "I don't like 'em" ain't gonna cut it. "They're fools who have rotten goals" doesn't matter either. "Bad for the cause" means nothing in the face of an individual's life, and lives are on the line here.

      So begin at the beginning. "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." Again, WHO exactly is claiming unrightful obstruction by this occupation?

      If a person can't answer THAT, then that person has no business sticking their nose into it.

      "The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism." Personally I see a bunch of individuals putting their lives on the line for their beliefs--right or wrong--of how they wish to live their lives, AND that they have decided that the Federal government has left them unable to do so peacefully. It doesn't matter whether I agree or not; it's THEIR decision and that's what THEY decided. End of story, unless there's some innocent soul who is claiming damage by or from these people. If so, then good people ought to defend them. If not, then good people ought to STFU.

      I hear a ton of collectivist clap-trap about why OTHERS should or shouldn't do what they're doing, as if it's any of their business in the first place. Fine...argue, persuade, whatever. But this is not an intellectual matter any more; this is what happens when choices becomes action.

      WHERE'S THE COMPLAINANT? Either point to the individual who's had his "willful action" obstructed by these folk, or MYOB. And if these folk are physically attacked for what they've done...well, then I guess the rest of us will have to decide whether or not to let yet another "free Waco" pass right on by.

    2. 1. They mislead the III by sucking them into the rally, changing the mission, and trying to suck them into this.

      2. They did so in a pre-planned, premeditated attempt to hijack the III for their own goals.

      3. They USED tha plight of the Hammonds ad bait.

      4. ZERO local support. In fact, their action are widlly seen by many III as well as the public as an outside invasion.

      5. They initiated action by committing felony breaking and entering while armed. In doing so, they lost ANY claim to the moral high ground, They initiated offensive action without direct provocation.

      6. These idiots have long claimed to just want to be left alone, yet intiate an action that will assure that will not be the case.

      7. They initiated an action whose sole purpose is to initiate a violent action in the hopes of a general uprising. They are sadly mistaken in their arrogant and grandiose notion.

      8. There is no doubt in my mind that there are federal agents and snitches embedded in the group, agitating for action, so that the entire patriot community can be smeared and more oppressive laws and more gun control can be enacted quickly. This is ESSENTIAL to the Federals plan, given the pending economic collapse. The .GOV has been pushing hard for gun control, and as the time draws closer for the big reset, is getting increasingly shrill and desperate. They want as many guns as they can get before they pull the plug, and in desperation have pulled out all the stops. This may well be a giant false flag operation.

      9. They (either the Bundy's or the feds, or both)have been able to recruit some of the most unstable personalities in the militia movement. They guys not simply in opposition to loss of freedom, but guys with a suicidal/martydom bent LOOKING for a fight.
      10. At very best, their intent is incite the feds to apply so much heat to that patriot movement and the III that we will have no choice but to act. They have decided that they are going to hijack the entire movement for very iffy strategy that is vastly premature in timing.

    3. Wow! You're a real fountain of knowledge there slick.

      Keep in mind that just sometimes some men have to coerce other men to do their manly duties.

      Probably a good idea to wait and see how it plays out.

      You ready? :-)

    4. Oh, try less coercion and more outright lies and fraudulent pretenses. The latest vids from there have them begging for help like little bitches. They want as many suckers around them as possible when they crank off a round at a fed. Nothing like dead patriots and bloody snow to kick things off no? Well, the vast bulk of us aren't buying their shit.

    5. Okay Rivitman, you gave your reasons for thinking them dumbasses...in pretty good detail too. Thing is, if you reread my comment, I asked this---"I'm not interested in why you think they're dumbasses; I'm interested only in what you propose to do because you think that."

      I'm still curious. What do YOU intend to do about it, and do you believe someone else ought to do something about it? If so, what?

    6. "Keep in mind that just sometimes some men have to coerce other men to do their manly duties."

      At first I thought this meant we all had to get laid; sounded alright to me. Then I remembered you got a weird obsession with men's asses. Not so great then.

      The statement is utter bullshit in any event.

    7. NOBODY should go down there. Period Every effort should be made to talk them off that hill, get them to just go home while they still can. And then NOBODY should pay attention to anything they say from that moment forward.

  3. Now you want to track my IP? This will be the last time I ever visit this "patriotic" website...fuck off "k"

    1. Anon: Please try not to be so naive - you do know that every wordpress blog tracks your IP with every comment, controlled by the blog author, yes? You do understand that everything you do online is logged and tracked, yes? You do use a proxy, yes?

  4. Without question, you are a shamelessly despicable water carrying shill for sopsey, beef-stew, knuckledraggin' kenny and their quisling whores,vocalizing lot's of shit but doing nothing, dropping in out of nowhere to slime around with a non-argument (piss) poorly disguised as legitimate opinion and debate.
    You roll harder against, spit more bile at, and have more anger for those who stand to be counted as Patriots,selfless defenders of individual freedom, God given rights, natural Law and the Republic,against all enemies foreign and domestic
    And you dare count yourself as one?
    It is beyond contestation, you are a stinking shitbag.

    1. Yes, Rivitman, you are the stinking
      shitbag that inspired my previous comment.

    2. Matt Bracken has come out against this. You going to attack him?

      Are you standing next to "Ranger" Ryan Payne right now?

    3. Matt Bracken is not flinging slime
      around this blog, disguised as legitimate
      opinion and debate.
      Moreover, he is not posting duplicitous propaganda disguised as commentary and opinion, shilling and whoring for beef-stew rhodes, sopsey, knuckledraggin' kenny, pete/wrsa and their
      cult of quisling shitbags.
      For the record, that be you.

    4. Wow, you are not only hard headed, you are the belligerent little shit aren't you?

      Luckily, most of the III has a cooler, more rational approach.


    5. Cav Med, Where should one go for good/legit info since those sites are; apparently not? -Serious question here, been following this all day and kinda surprised the wrsa has not one peep about it...

    6. Further, Brcken is directly stating the following:
      "his is what I think about Oregon today.
      Some might believe that the Oregon Standoff is our Concord Bridge.
      Some might believe that it is our Fort Sumter moment.
      But I think that the Oregon Standoff is a buffalo jump. The feds and their agents-provocateurs embedded among the Oregon "militia" patsies are waving blankets and smoky torches around the buffalo herd. Foolish people are running at a gallop right toward a cliff.

      After what happened with the motorcycle clubs in Waco, I'm guessing that the feds are feeling like they have this show down pat, and Oregon will be a far bigger success than Waco. And then there is that other Waco, the one that ended in a fire.

      Look, if CW2 is going to start, it's going to start. But it should not be started at a freaking buffalo jump, engineered by the same evil bastards who engineered Fast and Furious, Waco 2, etc. Don't fight on somebody else's time table, according to their plan, on their terrain. Don't walk into their ambush. Don't be a patsy. Don't play by their script, This is their script, their play, their ambush. Don't be a tool. Use your head."

      So I suggest you start doing some thinking and less spewing.

    7. rivitman,
      Regarding your shilling at 7:03 PM: Question,"you are a belligerent little shit aren't you?"
      Answer: Fuck you shitbag.
      Regarding your whoring at 7:08 PM: I don't know Bracken and his personal opinion and tactical assessment has nothing to do with your dishonest shit.
      As previously stated, Bracken is not slinging slime around this blog, disguised as legitimate commentary and debate.
      That's you shitbag.
      Your pathetic attempt to steer me into insulting someone else is a waste of time. Your attempt to play me as chump bait is a fail.
      You dropped in out of nowhere, as a whoring agent shilling for sopsey, beef-stew rhodes, knuckledraggin' kenny, pete/wrsa and their cult of quisling statists, racist nationalists, FSA and fedgov paycheck collectors, disguised as a "III with a cooler, more rational approach."
      Your angry and vicious attacks on Patriots and III(which you claim to be) are identical to those of the communist shitbags and treasonous traitors attacking and destroying the American Republic, revealing you as an equally despicable enemy of freedom.
      In closing, as I am a "belligerent little shit," fuck you.
      That is all.

  5. Where is the short bus and the mobile kitchen?

    I thought that this is what you solicited funds for....just so you could feed the III in circumstances like this?

    1. B: Sadly, you remain an nth Tier blogger who tries to distract from the issue with snark. But I'll answer you, because bitch-slapping you little bits of genetic waste amuses me from time to time.

      TOC: The TOC (which Holly and I gifted free of charge and MANY people donated to for gear and expenses) is staged 1,000 miles away, on the other side of the Rockies. If this event evolves to the point that I and my advisors think it is prudent to roll the TOC, we will do so - with no help from the sidelines whence you sit.

      Mobile Kitchen: That is a project (2 different projects, actually) that I had nothing to do with and found almost zero support from most of you.

      'Circumstances like this': I'll be certain to loop you in if I decide to head out to Burns. As you can see from the discourse above, there is a lot of fog in the air regarding the most important factors at Burns. 'Self Defense', my primary sine qua non, does not seem to be the prime motivator at the moment in the minds of those '...running the show...'.

      But, thanks so much for dropping by and helping us move the ball forward. I couldn't do anything meaningful without the help of all my fans like you.

    2. My point exactly regarding rivishit.

    3. Ok, I will accept your statement as valid. It isn't needed (yet). I got that.

      And, personal attacks aside (and why do you always personally attack those who ask questions?) I was just asking.

      But answer this then: Under what conditions will you deploy the bus and/or the mobile kitchen?

    4. B: First - I respond in kind given the tone and disposition of the person with whom I am engaged. You and I both know your tone when you wrote 'Short Bus' was derogatory - so you rec'd the same in return.

      Second: Please re-read my above answer. I have absolutely NOTHING to do with either of the mobile kitchen projects, except having donated funds to their organizers.

      Third: The TOC will roll when and where I and my advisors think it is prudent, where it will forward the Mission, and when it will justify the cost. I'm sure you understand how foolish it would be for us to expose all our tripwires on a blog. I can promise this: The TOC will never roll for a PR stunt - it is a serious asset, with a serious mission to support - when/where/if that mission evolves.

    5. Thank you for your reply. It was honest, if not informative.

    6. B

      "Where is the short bus and the mobile kitchen?

      I thought that this is what you solicited funds for....just so you could feed the III in circumstances like this?"

      Neither K nor the III Percent Society for America have anything to do with the MKT/Mobile kitchen project.

      K did post the info about the project,and donated to the project as he,along with several others believe it is a worthy cause.
      The III percent Society donated some funds to the project-for the above reason,and asked others to do the same.
      The lack of support is astounding-that means that either everyone has the ability and knowledge to feed their tribe,or the more likely reason for the lack of support is that most people think they will survive by eating MRE's.
      Eating MRE's for an extended period of time is a bad idea-try eating only MRE's for 2 weeks-then get back to me about how you're going to live on MRE's.
      Try the same 2 weeks eating only beans and rice while you're at it.
      The military developed the MKT for a reason,they bring hot chow to forward troops for a reason.
      You will notice that K states the TOC is a valuable asset-he is correct,a mobile kitchen trailer,or any well thought out,professional mobile kitchen is also a valuable asset.
      I know my tribe has the ability to have hot chow at any location,in any weather,with or without power from the grid and natural gas.
      Does Yours?
      Or do you think it's not an important item to have?

  6. Aside from the seriousness of this subject, reading this string of comments this morning I had a good laugh because it struck me we are all so demure and quiet, that we should really try and vocalize our opinions more and quit holding our thoughts in and make ourselves heard. ROFLOL.
    Miss Violet ;-)

  7. Funny how no-one is talking, ANYWHERE, about rabid federal prosecutors / judges acting as shills for enivoro-terrorist?
    4GW should be pointing us away from the bait. Not eating it. We should be talking about the bullshit that started this.5 yrs. federal terrorism for 140 acres of desert? After 18 mos. served already, plus $400,000.00. Ten years ago? For fucks sake, whatever happened to the statued of limitations!
    This kind of prosecution affects us all. The III percent media seems to have missed that, all the way around.....MTHead

    1. Those cows (rule of law and any execution of real justice) have left the barn so long now, that it has been ages since we stopped searching for them.

      Much to our detriment.

      The question, "What Would Free Men Do?" is so lost upon us as a culture, because "free men" haven't walked upon American soil, for over a hundred and fifty years now. Even amongst "our own community" there are very few, who actually possess a proper conception of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty - what it requires of us, as well as what it affirms for us.

      Much to our detriment.

      And still, the juggernought rolls over all in its path...


    2. Respectfully LT, WWFMD, is not the question. The Hammonds freely walked into federal custody,(maybe a death sentence for the elder one). The Bundy & friends crew freely walked onto the refuge. The question is: Why isn't "our side" of the media talking about what started it all? Is the whole thing gone so far that federal abuse of power isn't sensational enough anymore?
      Whatever happened to "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing." Instead we keep talk'in about the subject the government points out for us. I was just kind of hoping we, you-know, could act like the opposition?. Maybe a little wtf?
      how 'bout. dude, 5 yrs.? kind'a rude,bro, lite'in up the stasi act already......MTHead

    3. "Kinda rude, lighting up the Stai act already" - they've been going hard on that score for at least two decades (Waco, Ruby Ridge, et. all), and no, it's not sensational anymore. Not even to most folks who consider themselves "liberty minded".

      That's my point - we're so far from having liberty, that we can't even look back up the trail and see where we lost it... and thus damn near no one is in a good position to say exactly how far from true liberty we've now been carried. That was my point, and my apologies if I didn't make it clear.

      Truly free men would have come, en mass, to put a halt to federal tyranny at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and a hundred other grave and violent abuses (which none have ever even heard of) committed by Fed.Gov, and that's just durring Clinton's presidency. There were plenty before, and an uncountable multitude since.

      Here's just one laser-sharp example: Lon Horiuchi should have been captured, executed, and his body hung out in public display by patriots, for his murderous acts at both Ruby Ridge and Waco, and dozens of other FBI hot-raids; all of which were patently unconstitutional.
      But that fukker is quietly enjoying his semi-retirement, living it up in Hawaii when he's not collecting outrageous fees for "consulting" with the federal alphabet soup collective, and all at the taxpayers' expense. Justice? Yeah, still waiting on that, 20 years later...

      Let me pivot a bit, and put a different discussion on the table that no one seems to be engaging in, either -
      compare the Carter presidency (which is the last time we had a really devout ultra-leftist as a pResident) to what we're facing now, and look at where it probably leads -

      Carter was winding down the wars in Southeast Asia; terrorism was rampant across the mid-east and impacting both Europe and America, including Shia/Sunni sectarian violence, both directly and via proxies, in Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, etc.; the FED had just devalued the USD$$ by decoupling it from the Gold Standard; our economy was in the tank and we learned a new word to describe it - "stagflation"; the Carter administration had dumped so much "stimulus" money into the economy that we'd face several years of >= 10% interest rates to reballance the money supply; the US and OPEC were in an "oil war" over pricing, distribution rights, and political sanctions; Russia was posturing very aggressively, and trying to tempt the US into another proxy war in Afghanistan (and Pakistan) for which we boycotted the 1980 Winter Olympics; Militatnt feminism, abortion, and the "sepatration of church and state" (i.e. the expulsion of religious observance from public life) were all very large social issues of the day...

      Do I need to go on?

      Point being, we have seen all this crap before, and are seeing it again, only this time 'super-sized' to ensure that it brings us all the way down (because the collectivists are tired of waiting).

      So, yeah, there are a lot of relevant things that no-one is discussing, even amongst the "liberty-minded".

      Much to our detriment.

      There is nothing new under the sun;
      and sufficient to the day is the evil therein.


    4. Yes sir LT, being 60 now,I watched it all.
      the only point i'm trying to make is when the enemy is trying to cover its ass by pointing out what someone else is doing wrong. why come off the attack to discuss it with him?
      Right now our side should be saying, so what! about the refuge. and pointing out. Your destroying people for bullshit!
      doesn't matter how many times its been done before. Its how our side reacts. right now the meta-data tells O-bitch he can do whatever he wants. we won't even point it out!.....MTHead

    5. "right now the meta-data tells O-bitch he can do whatever he wants"

      ...and so it will continue, until we reach the bedrock of our nations soul, and we can suffer no more to be done against us, or in our name...

      Then. Only then, will justice return to us. And on that day, there shall be shortages of many things, not the least of which shall be rope, and lamp-posts from which to hang traitors...in every city, town, and even the least inhabited places throughout our nation.

      Even so, I pray that it be done, quickly. For I would prefer not to hand this fight down to my children...

  8. "Badness" doesn't begin to describe what we're facing... it just keeps getting worse. And we're only four days into the new year. As I stated earlier today on another blog -

    Whatever the proximal cause, a widespread hot “conflict of ideologies” is not far off for us in America, and in Western Europe, as well.

    Food, fuel, medical supplies, and ammo will soon be worth their weight in gold…

    Prepare accordingly.


    1. I wonder how many among us have actually taken the time to understand the basic mechanics of wannabe patriot thought? Because to develop usable intelligence we *must* understand their logic - which differs substantially from our own - and be able to apply it to the features and events of our particular AOs to relaible effect. Otherwise, we are operating blind when it comes to securing our communities, as most of III is operating blind because they *refuse* to accept that wannabe patriot logic is disparate from (and incompatible with) western logic.

  9. If someone doesn't want to join them in Oregon so be it.
    If they do, so be that.
    Regardless of joining or not joining, the legality of the FEDGOV or the Bundy's is now rendered moot.
    What FEDGOV does moving forward is the real rub.
    Do the .Gov types back down and allow a "peacefull" settlement of the situation happen? (Only to be apprehended later for "speeding")?
    Does .Gov go in guns blazing/reaper (RFQ-9) style? Do they get water, electricity gas shut off and waited out?
    Does the Bundy group just surrender or negotiate?

    At this point it's a wait and see game.
    Ball is in FEDGOV's court and a lot of folks are watching. Especially the "occupy" and "Black lives matter" groups. They will learn from this also. To think that they will not learn from this is a grave error.

  10. Crock-upy and Black Looters Matter are certainly watching, as is every other semi-organized batch of leftist thugs (both inside government and outside), just as they were at Bundy Ranch. Everyone who intends to matter in the upcoming Liberty Games has updated their playbooks accordingly, and will continue to do so.
    But we will know that the warm-ups are over, and the real game is on, when we start seeing *momentum* on the part of one or more groups.

    I don't believe we have much longer to wait,
    before that telltale sign comes into season...

  11. "This is what happens when you have an inarticulate and/or unattainable goal, a bad plan, and insufficient mettle and grit to Go Hard. I am NOT giving anyone at the refuge a hard time. I truly believe 'most' of them have their hearts in the right place. I am merely pointing out that when you leave the porch - leave the f'n porch."

    I have to give you credit here....I disagree with much of what you write, but the above is so very true.

    I feel sorry for the boys in Burns. I don't know what they intend to accomplish, or how this can end well for them.

    I still think that the timing is odd, Barry is f=gonna go for his big anti gun push, and this happens just before. Is there and agent provocateur in the leadership there?

  12. Interesting. K, makes his call to NOT get involved with this Bundy mashup, and my dear friend CAV-MED disappears into the woodwork. Perhaps another session of call of duty beckoned. No that can't be it. He's grabbed his day-pack, daisy Red Ryder, loaded up the hooptie and is headed to Burns Oregon as we speak.

    I expect daily sitreps sir. HOOORAH!

    1. Rivitman: I made a call to NOT get involved?

      You do realize we have been involved with the Hammond family since September, that is was one of our III Society Sons of Liberty who did a recon of the Bend rally and sent us pics and info, and that we relayed the wishes of the Hammond family to our audience - without any agenda other than reporting facts.

      The Bundy splinter is flawed in many ways, and it may still turn out that many of us end up paying the price for that - but some things are beyond our control.

      CavMed and many, many other serious Patriots are ready to back-fist tyrants - and they will not be looking to me for 'permission'. They will pick their moments, their terms, their goals.

    2. Vandeboegh just made his announcement, just a few months left.

    3. Anyone interested in a 100 box square on what day the commie meets el Diablo? One more left to watch and see, heard he is bad off as wel.

  13. Sorry K, You didn't go. Not even for the rally. And you are 8 hours away. You appear to disavow the "occupation"
    cavmed is a incipient blowhard, a minor troll who happened look around one day to find out he was all by himself. Just like that gang of knuckleheads in Oregon.

    1. Rivitman: No, sir - I did not go personally. I am not a full-time paid employee of the Liberty Movement getting his bills paid like our enemies. But we DID have a serious III Patriot on the scene. I do not disavow the intent - only the execution.

      Good Faith, my friends - it means everything.

      As does Bad Faith.

  14. Dignity, gentlemen. Dignity. Celebrate not, when the devil closes the deal on yet another soul, lest you place yourself in the chanting crowd outside Pontius Pilate's prefectural pallace, on an inauspicious day.

    Condemnation casts a wide net, after all...

    1. Brother LT... again, +1 for "voice crying in the wilderness."
      ..."having eyes, they do not see; having ears, they do not hear" - D

  15. The Feds are getting ready to shut off the power to the buildings tonight. Also killing all cell/internet service and setting up a blockade to stop supplies being brought in.

    1. Every moment smells more and more like the scenario we discussed in email...


    2. Yep. kabuki theatre, with a blood-dance for the finale...

      Very unfortunate, and yet so very probable.

    3. I have to wonder if this show would have been better received if there had been a different cast of characters?

  16. The local news reports that Deputies from all over the state are enroute to Burns this morning.
    Everyone should be prepared.

  17. And to think I started to
    experience a minuscule amount
    of guilt for being a "belligerent little shit."
    H/T to MVT: maxvelocitytactical.com/2016/01/its-a-trap-or-comment-on-the-malheur-protest/

    “It’s a Trap” – or – Comment on the Malheur Protest

  18. Shhh.....
    Can you hear it?
    That is the sound of
    my dick laughing at rivitman.
    Ha, ha, ha......


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