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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hammond Family

A brief discussion with Hammond family members yesterday (Tuesday): The family is grateful for the support that has been shown.  They have no involvement with the actions at the Refuge, however they fully support the right of every American to exercise their first amendment rights.

A note from K: Dwight and Steve are now inside B.O.P. and at the mercy of FedGov bureaucrats. Under normal circumstances, both Hammonds could expect to be placed in a 'Camp' level facility - relatively comfortable, with no cells, no fences, and from a prison perspective, relatively relaxed and safe.  It is possible they could start one level up in a 'Low' - fences, but no cells.  A little more structured, but hardly the prison environment one watches on television shows.

The point: It will take little more than the whim of a single bureaucrat to make their lives a true Hell.  

Instead of a Camp or Low - perhaps a Medium, or worse?  Given the statutes under which they were convicted, such actions would be easily supported within the bureaucracy. Dwight is 73 years old - he simply doesn't need the stresses that malicious bureaucrats can impose upon him with the stroke of a pen.  Consider a 73 year old man assigned a bit of 'Diesel Therapy' - a form of 'punishment' in which a convict is sent from prison to prison for several months, enduring the shackling at hands, waist and feet for a bus ride to the next night's Bureau of Prisons 'Hotel', just to get a cold sandwich for dinner and a few hours rest (after daily strip searches) before it all starts again.  Today you shared a seat with a murderer. Tomorrow a bank robber.  The next day a child molester.  (Hell, we have self-identified 'LEO' who blog as righteous 'Patriots' who execute those orders every-f'n-day and drive that bus, while collecting a state paycheck for doing so.)

Dwight and Steve chose to walk into custody as ordered.  Whatever your personal thoughts on that matter, (and I have many insights as to why men would do such a thing), as you discuss this issue please be cautious not to conflate the actions of the Hammonds with those of any others involved in this unconscionable injustice.

The Hammonds as well as everyone who protests on their behalf in Good Faith deserve our support, with the understanding that every man is responsible for his own actions and no others.

Simple arithmetic: We are watching yet another massive abuse of Liberty, and a very, very few are taking any action.  A slightly smaller minority are speaking about it.  The overwhelming majority of Americans - including those Law & Order Republicans - would cheer if there was another Waco in Oregon.

Factor that into your action matrix before you take any recourse.  

Go Hard, or stay home.  The road to Rightful Liberty will be a one-way trip for most...


  1. I cannot understand why most Patriots are condemning the entire group because of their prejudice against Payne or the Bundys. The "leaders" are only a small percentage of the people at the refuge. What about the others that are in good faith participating in this act of civil disobedience? Where is their support? They will face the same consequences as Payne and the Bundys, yet they are forgotten in all of the hype.

    1. All I can confidently say is this: ANY serious III Patriot who takes action in hopes of garnering the support or approval of 'the community' is out of luck.

      The 'Establishment' III Community, rife with FSA and do-nothings, is not about serious action, real pushback - it is about talk, and cliques, Camel Toe stats, and fluff.

      The real III Patriot who takes action will be condemned within the III at least as severely as by Salon, NBC and DoJ.

      That is disgusting - and in evidence across III blogs...

    2. Too true.

      The "Establishment" III are content with arguing the the merits of strategy and tactics, yet have forgotten the most important aspect, THE PRINCIPLE!

    3. I'm gonna have to say that you are probably not far off base.

    4. Hey Alan! How are you doing Buddy? Did you have a Merry Christmas?

    5. Fine as can be. Spent a few days in Charleston before Christmas doing some research and hanging with the daughter and new son in law. Spent Christmas week in base camp. It was good.

    6. Happy new Year, Alan!! Hope everything is 'shiny and brite' down your way.
      Cheers, LT

    7. And to you sir. "Shiny and brite" it is down here. ;-)

  2. Is it any wonder that
    I beat those shitbags,
    and anything that resembles them,
    right out of the gate.
    Fuck the whole lot of them.

  3. Do the III Establishment and their followers really think that the group is unworthy of our support? That these are not the right Patriots for the job because they lack the credentials of the III Establishment? Or is that what .Gov wants them to think?
    The tide of opinion is turning fast and patronizing Patriots that condemned this from the beginning will be swept out to sea with the rest of the rubbish.

  4. Sam as discussed in the past, what is upon the 3 is not unlike the current societal woes.....the 3 is only a microcosm of our twisted society. Perhaps the cancer bucket can have his beloved 111%, I on the other hand, will be looking for .00003% swag and patches. No hate here...simply stating the obvious,I warned that the patterns were very evident, I also stated many times, the first bloodshed will have to be amongst ourselves prior to taking HER back. I do enjoy the idea of Clans, also sorry to say....this is why I rarely flew the 111 standards on my sites, the 111% does not exist, not in the same form as the original intent, just as the current crop of US Citizens are not cut from the same cloth as the founders. The back-biting and stabbing amongst the 111, is not unlike the left right paradigm and sickness that has this once great nation bound. Hell what do I know, I am bored to death with this, I am off to go see some titties and camel toe, and seek further wisdom from the dope dealer and commie, my attention spam is not very long you know. Sam perhaps if you would schedule just one day a week for let's say.......lesbo's Sunday, or how about snake handler's love them some "titties Tuesday" I was very specific with the content of my rag, nothing was unintentional. Stay Safe.

  5. The dope dealer and the RHH, were not the architects, no sir. Pawns that are being used proxy, orchestrated and well organized too. There can't be a 111 without the sheets.

  6. I haven't been saying much about this, because I wanted to give it a fair opportunity to develop and prove (or disprove) it's own merrits as a "patriot action".
    But what I find really appalling is the almost universal crap-slinging from armchair "patriots" about how "stupid" they are for "painting themselves into a corner".

    Of course, all of these dim and dire assessments are being made from the comfort of the commentator's homes. Meanwhile, men with the conviction to put their ass on the X are facing privation and danger for what they believe in.

    At this point, there's no justification for discussing whether it was "the right time and place" - these men have driven it out of hypothesis-ville, and into reality - unlike most of you. As such, they deserve the resepct and support of every liberty-loving patriot.

    So, here's the paydirt question - Why am I willing to take a hammer to all the armchair BS slingers, and earn the ire of everyone "smarter than I am" in the community?
    Answer: Because less than 3% of the modern so-called "III Percent community" has gotten off their ass and actually taken to the field in support of liberty... EVER. Do you smell the piss and venom in my words? Because I find myself disgusted with the pathetic and persistent inaction of the vast majority of the so-called "men" who will read this. Yeah, little men wielding big words... a tempest in a teapot. All of you.

    I was at Mercer. I've been with Brock for the NC Patcon half a dozen times. I went to the Connecticut Statehouse when we protested their new and ridiculous laws. When the Core Creek Militia hosted a meeting with four NC Sherrifs, I was there, right up front - staring Donnie Harrison (Wake Cty. Sherrif and blatant statist) down. And I have been at other events in NC, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, as well as traveling to Idaho to meet with my fellow patriots in the redoubt this past summer. And there are other activities, not suitable for public disclosure, at which I have been an active contributor, over the last 7 + years. I'm not trying to brag here, but to make a point - Most men talk big, but only a few will act.

    Now, chastising my would-be allies isn't usually my thing, but it's more than due, and those of you who haven't left the porch even once, for so simple and safe a thing as a Patcon need to STFU and stand down from all this shittalking. It's always wise to know what manner of man you are, and what you aren't, and to exercise discretion when speaking about things to which you are not a party. And if you never leave the porch, then you are not an active party tothe III, nor a valid contributor to our cause. Period.

    Whether you like it or not, real men are out doing real things to make their position known - taking a real chance with their own flesh and blood to ***EFFECTIVELY*** resist tyranny. So unless and until you have done something...anything... other than bang on a damn keyboard, I kindly suggest that you remember your place, and how very limited it is in such discussions.

    Now, I'm done. Have a nice f%^&ing afternoon.

    1. Bravo,brother. Every single word rings true. And... thanks. - D

    2. LT, Amen Brother! I feel your frustration. There are too many opinions from the III Establishment talking heads trying to stay relevant after they neglected the Hammonds plight from the begining, yet no action from any of them, as usual.

  7. Sam you won't believe it! Guess who I ran into whilst looking at porn and reading how many times the drug dealer exposes himself? Hold on to your hat, it was none other than the Christmas Warrior and his pal the arctic prepper Justine.....hmmmmm I have to wonder what on earth they were doing over there? The old green door I suppose, a little birdy whispered in my ear recently.....about a former council man of a quaint little town that loved him some tittie tuesdays too, the porn took his mind off of his current inside rotting issue...tsk tsk nasty stuff. A shame For sure, I do hope the toothless crack head from cantuck comes down for the wake, after all it would be the prudent and proper thing to do. What say you feline boy?

  8. Interesting the epiphanies taking place over at Max's place in the comments, fuckin retards, every damn one of them.


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