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Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI Drone Footage of Shooting


Enhanced Vid


  1. Plain and simple...MURDER. He must have been on the FBI's hit list. Road block, pursuers, drone tracking. I also noted laser flashes so was the drone armed? I noted several bullet strikes on the ranchers vehicle.

  2. Very depressing. Even if it was obvious straight up no question cold blooded murder, he wouldn't have sparked a revolution. Might stir up some 4GW attacks, get some pigs fired/locked up, protests maybe, but no war. People still have it too good: handouts, celebrities to worship, sports to watch, objects to show off, careers, etc. What a waste of a good man. I will say it is honorable that he went out the way he said he wanted to. Maybe extreme to some, but not I.

    1. Yep - looks like his body is reacting to several gunshots hitting him, more than him trying to pull a pistol.

    2. Yep, the stagger and grab of the midsection is a definite gunshot hitting home, and I've seent it enough times be sure. Its clear enough that he is shot three times -

      The first two don't bring him down, but you can see his body flynching at the impact of each hit, and after the second his head goes about quickly, searching for the new threat.

      The first shot is from the shooter in front of him at the edge of the road, which happens as the zoom of the drone's camera is changing. But the second and third shots come from the shooter behind him in the trees. You can tell because he is looking around for the source of the second shot, but never even sees that individual before the third shot drops him. He's still alive at that point, still waving his arm to indicate surrender and/or plead for help.

      And they leave him to bleed out in the snow, even though he is obviously no longer a threat. It's rather obscene.

      IOW, you are witnessing an assasination - he was killed in cold blood, shot by multiple assailants; one of whom is a cowardly bastard, repeatedly shooting an unarmed man from behind, at close range.

      And where was medical aid? I'm sure there were med units on-scene. Those Federales never run such an op without preparing for the possibility that one of their own will be shot, so there is always at least one ambulance very nearby.

      After reviewing this, I can say with full confidence that this requires proper redress. There is no question but that the shoot is unnecessary by FBI standards, and further constitutes a criminal act on the part of both shooters, and also whoever was the agent in charge.

      It is MURDER because not only was he shot when it was not necesary; but also because he was denied medical care after he was no longer a threat, which ensured his death.

      There's a very fine line between a justified shoot and a purposeful MURDER, and these agents/officers crossed that line by quite a ways.

      All I can say here is


  3. Has anybody else noticed that the date stamp clearly reads 1/27/2016 when the arrest and shooting happened on the 26th?

  4. Never mind. It may be GMT.

  5. I noticed that this
    video has edited out
    the footage of him "yelling
    and charging at the police."
    Yes, all bloody sarcasm is intended.

  6. Cav Med, you know that wasn't made up by the FBI...that was the media just doing their job. After all, none of the teatsucking morons who live by the official narrative will ever bother to watch the raw footage themselves - they're too lazy. And thus, a decade from now we'll still be hearing traitors proclaim that "they had to shoot him, he was charging them. Officer safety comes first."

    It's TIME

    1. I wish it was time. Good luck with the hearts and minds thing, though, at present time. It's a losing battle without a good backing of the populace. Bunkerville had tremendous support. Burns didn't. No one wants to lose their honey boo boo to a war zone. It has to get worse for EVERYONE before it will get better.

    2. It gets worse, every day. Even those who are die-hard socialists among our population are beginning to get edgy about where things are headed. Earlier this year I met my first truly 'Liberal Prepper' here in the Carolinas. Here's a guy happy about 0bamacare, who actually believes that the economic issues and muslim problem are both 'all Bush's fault', and yet he's prepping. He even got over thinking that guns are icky, and has bought a pistol and a shotgun.

      The irony there is so deep, it may reach Middle Earth.

      And I though all the liberal preppers were huddled up in Vermont near the Ben and Jerry's factory. (seriously, there are quite a bunch up there)

      But aside from the humor of it, it's very illustrative that people of reasonable inteligence, from all across the political spectrum, are waking up in large numbers to the disturbing reality into which we are being drawn...

  7. Is the the tree cop shooting left handed or did he Tazer him after the street cop shot him multiple times ? If he tazered him it would explain the instant drop without a head or spine shot. Any thoughts ?

  8. A person who has been tazed is incapable of making a coherent gesture, such as the raising and waving of an arm, as Lavoy did while lying in the snow shortly after he was shot for the third time (see my prior analysis for shot numbering).
    If he had been tazed, he would have been convulsing as he went down, and continued for several seconds afterward. Anyone who has witnessed a tazing can verify that what is seen in the video is wholly inconsistent with the effects a tazer produces.


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