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Thursday, January 14, 2016

.Gov posing as Militia in Burns?

Reports are the .Gov elements, including FBI, are following citizens of Burns, while posing as Militia in an effort to raise tensions.



That 'Patriot' may work for .Gov, or take .Gov money, or may just be a PoS willing to lie simply for his own Ego.

Just sayin'.  Make sure you are not being led by the nose, folks.  Check every 'fact' yourself and question everything.  If you do not understand the rules of this game are Life or Not Life, you're not playing the same game as the Enemies of Liberty.


  1. Unless I missed something, breathless headline hyperbole has run amuck on this one. Briels said he encountered people at the armory who he thought were militia but then were identified as FBI. I didn’t hear him say they were doing anything to pose as militia or were involved in any other encounter whatsoever.

    “Question everything” is true, and even more so when it’s something you want to believe.

    1. Jason - read the Radio Free Redoubt piece more closely - the allegation is 'posing' and 'following'.

  2. If these reports prove to be true it would not be a far stretch to believe that heavy handed coercion is also happening to the residents in Burns where 40% are .Gov employees, in conjunction with the general Patriot character assassination.
    The Rancher that allowed Bundy onto his land to cut the fence that is now saying he didn't give permission for this to happen is very suspicious. Supposedly the Ranchers Foreman let them onto the property. What did they threaten him with to get him to change his story, taking away a small victory for the Patriots? Of course this is speculation, I don't have definitive evidence of this but it makes you question the motives behind the change of story.

    1. Tonedeaf, your suspicions are salient and on-target. Fed.Gov is well practiced in manipulation, and no one is easier to "adjust" than a government emloyee. Not only because Fed.Gov has their wages, pension, etc. already in hand, but because the Fed.Gov *mentality* is so amenable to such control - it's a prerequisite to Fed.Gov employment that you be completely "trainable" and "manageable".

      And if you aren't absolutely willing to swallow whatever position they present to you as "the valid one for today", then you'll self-select out of Federal service.

      Our military forces weren't included in this paradigm when I joined in the 80's, but were dragged under the PC umbrella durring the Clinton administration, and are now almost as completely subject to this truthless groupthink as any of the 'civilian' agencies.

      So yes, as you say, "coercion is happening in Burns" but I'm not so sure that it's "heavy-handed" - I don't think it has to be.

      Do you remember the Movie Shawshank Redemption?
      In it, Red says, "forty years I've been in here, asking permission to take a piss. I can't squeeze a drop without say-so."

      Well, federal employees are no different than prisioners - except that they have *chosen* to submit that utterly and completely to their owner.

      This is why it's *never* wise to trust a career employee of the government - because they are more interested in security than in the truth; and far, far more attached to their own comfort and status than to any concept of Truth, Liberty, Equality, or even just Human Decency.

      They're sell-outs by choice. It's just that when they sold out, the Federal Government was the buyer. But they were weak-willed, mealy-mouthed, yellow-bellied sellouts, even before Fed.Gov bought them. It's just who they are, and it's UNFIXABLE.

      Same with most state employees - spinesless sellouts, who walked voluntarilly into a bondage from whence they shall never return.

      This is just part of the reason why you should *never* trust a cop. Because they operate completely on this paradigm, and thus are automatons under the complete control of their chief (and whoever pulls his strings). You don't matter to that cop. Not in the least. In fact, you don't even exist as a human being in the mind of that cop. You exist only as he has been trained to allow you to exist - as a suspect.


  3. In war, there are no "dirty tricks"...
    Only effective ones.

    And make no mistake, Fed.Gov is in a war-fighting posture here. Those who command have vowed "whatever it takes" to maintain their control, because they *know* the alternative - if the federal tyranny ever folds, then there will be many, many lamp-posts decorated with the carcasses of federal bureaucrats, lackeys, aparachiks, and enforcers.
    In truth, corpses hung out in public view are the de-facto flag of every revolt, successful or otherwise... ours shall be no different.


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