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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oregon standoff: Militants say they'll reveal exit plan Friday

We will determine our next actions regarding the Malheur Affair after Ammon Bundy & Co. articulate their Exit Terms currently scheduled for Friday.

Our greatest concern and urgency at the moment lies with having Dwight & Steve Hammond released. Considerable evidence of misconduct from .Gov elements in the case demand fresh and objective analysis of their prison sentences.

Our hope is Bundy & Company will accept release of the Hammonds and full immunity for everyone at Malheur as as acceptable terms to go home, with major political and Humanitarian victories in-hand.  If such terms can be arranged, the Liberty Movement becomes duty-bound to support those efforts.

Here's the link from Tuesday.


  1. Haven't millions of people been sentenced under zero-tolerance and minimum sentencing laws for the last 20 or so years? Why are these guys considered different?

    1. Who says they're any different? The fact that Fed.Gov has set a precedent by widely abusing peoples' liberty over a long period of time, does not make it any more right or just - it simply proves the old addage that, "whatever a man (or government) gets away with once, he will do again, and again."
      Tyranny is but a long train of such abuses...


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