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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Guest Post: Malheur Refuge Re-Supply from ToneDeaf

There is a wish list intermingled with a need list submitted by Carol Bundy out there asking for supplies. Some of the stuff can be considered a luxury by all means while the majority of stuff is essential to the mission. 

The first question everyone is going to ask is why were they not prepared? People are making the assumption that this was a planned operation by the Leadership. Maybe, maybe not. If the Leadership truly intended to stay holed up for an extended period before hand and didn't account for how they would feed a force large enough to secure the complex, that's their bad. Yet the other Patriots there came to Oregon to attend the protest did so not intending to take place in an extended occupation. They brought 3-day go bags and that was it. 

Battles and entire wars have been lost due to logistics. In Iraq , the advance armor units outpaced the supply line. Some had to stop and wait for resupply efforts, out of diesel and low on ammo. They would have been sitting ducks had not the Republican guard been in full "run away" mode.

Mrs. Bundy's list includes non-food goods that will equip the ones that arrived without cold weather gear. Once everyone has enough socks and blankets those items will be needed less and less. Someone there should be keeping track of this  and update us so we all don't send them each a jacket and end up with 200 coats when that money could have been better spent on a sleeping bag. This type of gear will have to be sourced from outside the AO. Bend Oregon seemed to be the closest place to buy said gear. The problem is it has been a harsh winter here already and these types of gear are in high demand. I bought every piece of cold weather gear available and that will prove negligible as new assets show up. I hope they come much better prepared.

Burns appeared to have a Safeway and JC Thriftway from what I saw. It did not appear there was a Walmart or similar type store. Food goods should be sourced at wholesale restaurant supply companies like Cash and Carry. Daily runs into Burns to go grocery shopping is very inefficient as bulk calories are needed in the harsh, cold weather.

A pickup truck load of food was delivered Friday. Approx. 600 lbs. From the number of those involved, which I will not divulge here for OPSEC, that food will last a week, two tops if they get creative and stretch it out. So at a minimum, a truck load of food every week or so will be required to sustain this OP. How can this be done? Who among us is going to step up and take point on this? Who among us has logistics experience?

We need to stop pointing fingers as to who's fault this logistics problem is and start putting the processes in place to resupply these Patriots with what is required. Chalk this up to lessons learned and move forward. There are Patriots in need of assistance. Lets not fail them.

Logistics, the most required aspect of any action, is always the last thing considered. It's not as sexy as SUT, CQC, etc.... But when you're the one shivering from the cold and underfed, logistics is a big deal.

 ~ ToneDeaf


  1. How do I send supplies? I'm in Oregon but have no vehicle and have spinal cord damage that impedes me a bit but, I can cook for large groups of people, I am willing to come and help I have years experience in film production and the logistics of moving & feeding large crews on remote locations...I also owned a catering company for a few years.@ very least I can send some food, I have no money right now but may be able to send something end of month if that would help w/food& supplies..

    1. Jane - let's permit the situation to mature/evolve a bit more before we begin inserting allies. Thank you for the support.

  2. please email me and let me know what i can do, thank u and thank u for all u'all r doing!! God help us the insanity has gone way too far for way too long!

  3. This has got to be getting expensive. Have you set up a way to fund? That is something that I can at least help some with. --Bigmac.

    1. Bigmac: IIIPercentSociety.com - member & donation details there.

      Stay safe.

  4. Tonedeaf - nice work on your supply run, and thanks for the excellent rundown of current conditions.
    I've been saying it for years, but it never gets old - "Amateurs think tactics, professionals think logistics, and a real Operator, masters them all."

    And on that point, it doesn't take a lot of manpower, or a fortune, to be in a position to provide for an OP such as this one in your area. Most of the supplies needed are foodstuffs you should be putting up as preps, anyway, right?! And if thst is the case, then each small community of prepper/patriots should be able to front a week or two worth of food and essentials from their combined stores, without over-taxing any one families repelnishment capacity, to support such an operation.

    But, I suspect that at least part of the reason support for such operations has been so sparse, and the nit-picking so pervasive, is because so many "patriots" arent where they should be on their fundamentals. Thus, they are neither prepared to step off the porch themselves, nor even support those who do step off in a materiel fashion.
    I'm not going to sling mud or name names... instead, I'm going to ask you all, nice and politely, "are you ready, right now, to support such an operation in your AO, if it arose tomorrow morning? And how much could you contribute...I.e. how many man-days of support could your group provide (from your existing stores)? Yes, all this makes the assumption that you are 100% on board with the mission, but aren't in a position to step into the gap, yourself/selves...

    If you're prepping effectively, then you should be able to answer this question very easily, and you will have plenty that you can make available.

    After all, the money still flows, and the shelves at your local grocery store are still stocked nightly, right.

    So, before passing judgement on the men at Malheur, we each and all should make sure our own house is in order.

    "Pluck the splinter out of your own eye first. Then, you will be able to see more clearly, to remove the speck from your brothers eye. " --Matthew 7:5

    1. Logistics, Logistics, Logistics!

      LT, my concern is we're having trouble getting supplies to a group of approx. 2 dozen.
      What will happen to us when the dollar is worthless, the trucks stop rolling and we don't have the luxury of heading to the grocery store for milk and bread?
      What will happen when the regime implements executive orders commandeering(stealing) all resources beyond one weeks worth?

    2. Agreed.

      Now add this to the matrix: So many 'Patriots' pick nits not only to avoid revealing how ill-prepared they are materially, but also mentally and physically, to enter the fray. Sunshine Patriots, I think is applicable in large part.

      Fascinating how easily the tides of approval and disapproval shift among the hardy, hearty and ever-ready 'Patriot' community.

      Another IFF event, front and center, on many levels.

    3. Tonedeaf and all,
      "What will happen to us when the dollar is worthless, the trucks stop rolling and we don't have the luxury of heading to the grocery store for milk and bread?"

      Quite a number of respected authors have offered their well-informed descriptions of what such a scenario would look like - all of them agree on the great displacement of urban residents which would immediately commence, and the violent clashes which would necessarily occur, as that tsunami of displaced and desperate humanity innundated the surrounding suburban and rural communities, expecting - no demanding - that their needs be met, without consideration for the rights or property of anyone in their path...

      I humbly offer you my brief description of such a scenario, though bracken and others have provided far more detailed and complete works on the matter.

      When I wrote this 3 years ago, I had not yet integrated the muslim invasion of Europe and North America, and frankly I am amazed at this insanely dangerous addition to the globalist plans - they have underestimated the magnitude of the shift in social power which they have created by instigating this invasion, and I am now quite certain that they will ultimately be unable to control the destruction wrought by the muslim hordes. The globalists wanted a controlled demolition of nationalism, to make way for their one-world government, but nothing about islam is controllable - they will utterly destroy our society, without the slightest pause for contemplation. After all, most muslims are used to living under conditions best resembling the Dark Ages, and they consider most of our technological and social advancements to be nothing more than "the devils own creation".


      ...it will happen soon, because they are quickly loosing control of this beast which they have built.

  5. Found this at WRSA, seems Pete has some disdain with false allegations when they are thrown HIS way.

    "I was waiting for that. Kudos for the way it was done here – that way the groundless accusation just hangs in the air, long after MBV is in the ground. And surprise, surprise, surprise – from an IP address that hasn’t shown up before."


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