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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hammond Ranch

As we have reported the Hammond Family appreciates and accepts anyone who comes to support them.  They have made it very clear - from inside the home - they do NOT want violence, bloodshed or even illegal acts of defiance.

The III Society has been involved with the family on this matter since September, prior to the re-sentencing hearing.  Tomorrow we will have people on the ground at one of the rally points in the AO.  The reality is that given the paradigm and wishes of the Hammonds, there is little to be done except to express outrage.  And harden your hearts.  

And sharpen your hatchets.

What is being done to the Hammonds is unconscionable Tyranny.  But there is no 'Win' for Liberty short of violently thwarting their entry into prison - an act the Hammonds themselves do not condone.

Understand this: The family welcomes our support.  They do not welcome hardcore defiance or intervention on their behalf.  Whether you agree or not is irrelevant.  

Whatever you are doing tomorrow, and on Monday the 4th (when they are due to surrender) - think of the entire family.

We'll post pics tomorrow as they stream into our shop.

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