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Friday, January 1, 2016

Immorality and Contempt for Liberty

Suppose there is an elderly widow in your neighborhood. She does not have the strength to mow her lawn, clean her windows and perform other household tasks. Plus she does not have the financial means to hire someone to perform them. Here is my question: Would you support a government mandate that forces one of your neighbors to mow the widow's lawn, clean her windows and perform other household tasks? Moreover, if the person so ordered failed to obey the government mandate, would you approve of some sort of sanction, such as a fine, property confiscation or imprisonment? I believe and hope that most of my fellow Americans would find such a mandate repulsive. They would rightfully condemn it as a form of slavery, which can also be described as the forcible use of one person to serve the purposes of another.

Would there be the same condemnation if, instead of forcing one of your neighbors to actually perform the household tasks, your neighbor were forced to fork over $50 of his weekly earnings to the widow? That way, she could hire someone to perform the tasks that she is unable to do. Would that mandate differ from one under which your neighbor is forced to actually perform the household tasks? I'd answer no. Just the mechanism differs for forcibly using one person to serve the purposes of another.


Too few people actually think these days.

Scratch the mental musings of most 'Patriots' and you'll find Statists and Fascists and Tyrants, oh my!

Rightful Liberty is the only moral answer.  I introduced the Jefferson quote to the III community more than five years ago as a political goal - a banner to fly.  Many have adopted the meme - and have zero concept of what it really means.

Until Americans with true mettle embrace the concept of Rightful Liberty and exercise it at all costs, in the face of all challenges, we remain a People unworthy...

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  1. Heh - there's deep irony on display, in the absence of comments to this piece...

  2. Well said. It's unfortunate that our society has succumbed to the blind leading the blind philosophy. Your position is spot on though I think it is fair to add, in the instance where there is no family available to offer assistance that a responsible community would gladly offer a hand so long as the person was not seeking to take advantage of a generous environment. Americans are giving, it is embedded in our DNA. But when your government decides it is their right to force giving to non deserving and less than honorable people. They have essentially compromised the very integrity of the American spirit. Truth is, if we cancelled all the redundant welfare programs and bullshit programs that line the pockets of lobbyist like renewable energy investments, global warming credits, congressional retirement pensions and then establish a flat or fair tax based on consumption rather than earnings and fire the 135,000 IRS agents, clean up the mess of programs that are designed to allow illegal aliens to receive free education and healthcare... We wouldn't be having this discussion. We have become exactly what our founding fathers feared most...


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