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Monday, January 25, 2016

Malheur: If/Then

Ammon Bundy and a group of other Americans took a principled stand at the Malheur Refuge to protest the second incarceration of Dwight & Steve Hammond, and other issues involving .gov over reach.

Whatever your position on their strategy and tactics may be, standing and acting on principle must be respected.

Thus far there has generally been a measured response from .Gov employees.  Logic, Reason and experience all dictate that a limited number of options are likely in this matter.  

Most people reading this site will agree that force and violence are unacceptable as recourse, initiated by any party.  The worst-case scenario would be another Waco-style approach to resolve this conflict.  At the moment it doesn't look like such a course is being followed or staged.  Time will tell.

In the event a Waco-esque outcome becomes reality, or any other scenario that offends you, you should already have your If/Then response matrix worked out.

If X, Then Y.  If X takes place, I will Y in response.

What is your plan of action in the event your personal sensibilities are offended in respect to Malheur?  Obviously this is not a post inviting discussion.  It is designed to help you think.

If the Malheur Refuge is put under siege or fired upon, is it your intent to kit up, drive that way and Flank & Spank?  Do you plan to do nothing?  These are decisions to be taken in your own mind, with your closest allies.  But consider your tactics and strategy carefully.

LGoPs.  Little Groups of Patriots.  Teams of Patriots across America, operating in their own AOs, forcing the Bad People to spread themselves thin, denying the Bad People the opportunity to concentrate forces and resources.  This is a strategy that wins - if sufficient numbers of Patriots act in the same time frame.

Think about it.  We'll post on this topic through the week.

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  1. Would not be surprised if you see several "social demonstrations" break out at the same time if anything were to take place at OR. Counter moves, to absorb the 3 response.


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