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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The LGoP for the III

We know from experience and discussions that most Patriots can not muster five allies on any given X in an hour or less.  Most of you do not even have a trusted Second.  The goal, therefore, should be that you build at least a three-man team.  We recommend the Jedburgh Model - CO, XO and Comms.

Prepare your Team to be the Officer Corps.  Position your Team to be able to outfit a small unit, and to teach larger groups in all the skills necessary for Liberty Forces.  When it comes to the tactical applications of self-defense for you, your Team and your AO, train and equip and build infrastructure to operate as a LGoP - Little Group of Patriots.

Remember your Sun Tzu - spread your enemy.  Make him defend where you do not attack. Prevent him from consolidating his forces and resources.  Strike where he is unable to defend.  Work on his morale.  Unsettle the confidence and convictions of his supporters and fighters.  Enrage him.  Get him into his emotions - rile him so that the mere mention of your name spins him up for weeks on end and spittle forms at the corners of his mouth.  

Consume him with you...

This strategy works on the local level and the global level - it scales.  

More to come.  Consider this...

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