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Friday, February 12, 2016

...and so it goes...

Fry’s surrender, which had an audience of more than 30,000 people listening live, capped an extraordinary 18 hours in which America’s growing and extreme anti-government movement morphed into something that more closely resembled a strange and nerve-racking reality TV show.  - WaPo  (You may hit a pay wall, sorry)

I would add the final resolution looked like a very bad and scripted reality show.  


FedGov was sitting on that indictment of Cliven Bundy for a while.

They did NOT need to wait for him to spontaneously travel to Portland before executing the arrest.  If God wants to call you home, he does NOT need to wait until you book a flight on MH-370.

Write a script in your mind from the vantage of a story teller who wants Patriots to look stupid and weak - could your script look anything like what has transpired over the last 30+ days?

Bunkerville gets wrapped up in a nice bow.  FedGov ends a 'siege' in Oregon without a Waco.  All of the players from both events 'answer' for their crimes against 'The Establishment'.  Fsul and David Fry and many others are the final images left in the minds-eye of the public of what 'Patriots' are and represent.  Visiting the 'Establishment' III/Liberty blogs will find you in the company of anti-Constitutionalists, racists, porn-peddlers and genuine psychotics.

Mike S/Sam Culper & Company lend 'legitimacy' to the temperance efforts that have been embedded in the Liberty Movement.  They call out the Malheur crew as whack-a-doos, and promise to steer the USS Liberty Movement in the proper, sane direction...

The purge of non-FSA, non-Statist, non-racist elements from the 'respected' Liberty Movement continues.

The League of the South - who showed us all her panties just a few months ago in South Carolina - earns air time, supported by Barry, Dodge & Company to spew their special brand of Stupid, while serious notions of Liberty are hammered down under notions of Anarchy.

The corpses of Critical Thinking and Intellectual Honesty no longer even bother to twitch.

The Final Solution of decapitation strikes and boxcars is all that remains - a formality that will be cheered by voices like Camel Toe, MDT, DTG, Bugs, the WRSA Commentariat and the lemmings that follow them all as they continue to accept .Gov money taken from you...

...and thus dies the last hope for Rightful Liberty in America.

The Quislings always win.


  1. Damn...that left a mark!

  2. Has anyone figured out the camel toe is a white national?

    1. I think anyone who wants to see it, has figured it out.

    2. It doesn't nearly make the top of the list of things 'obvious and disappointing'...

      And all because men failed to be honest with themselves, to engage in some valid social logic, and practice a minimum of self-correction where they were off the mark.

      I weep for my country...

    3. These are the supposed 'Thought Leaders' for Liberty - upon whose shoulders Liberty will prevail or perish.

      Thankfully - they will have less than zeroi impact on the equation.

  3. A good synopsis. Real or fake or both? Is there an LDS connection? Discover. NSA. Romney. Bundys et al. Appocolyptic. Others? Just a rabbit trail.

    1. Some backup for LDS connection. Still, just a rabbit trail but from an unlikely source. Deseret....


      If you can get past the extras. Covers a lot of bases. Food for thought.

    2. Anon: What is the relevance of any potential LDS connection?

  4. There are a number of potential relevant linkages. One that immediately springs into my mind is Glenny the Beck and his shiny new media empire. I recall very well his pre-TV time at KC101-FM - He was a boistrous, ribald egomaniac, with a fetish for exceptionally low-brow mockery of regular folks just trying to do their jobs, whom he would prank-call on the air. Many folks would claim that Beck has matured and changed, but I'm not buying it.

    He would hapily sell his soul for an uptick in his ratings, and that's before you factor in the profits. When he first left Faux to start GBTV, he was producing some pretty good stuff, and he almost had me fooled with his "I found God and now I'm a conservative" act. But suddenly, in the fall of 2012, he began backpedaling on a number of topics, and he began pushing the "you can't fight the government and win" and "violence is not the way to resist tyranny" line of BS.

    At first, I thought that he had been earnest with his work over the prior 18+ months, and that someone had 'got to him' and delivered an ultimatum - back off or we'll shut you down. I continued listening to his program, to see if he might return to presenting the unvarnished truth. But he never did; he instead changed his tune even further, and began sounding ever more like the other primetime cuckservatives, Limbaugh and Levine.

    With 5 years of perspective I can now say with relative certainty that his prepper/libertarian shtick was and is nothing more than an act; a part which he plays to get ratings and build his media empire. He was never going against the establishment - he made a deal with his handlers to play the part of controlled opposition, to bait the preppers and libertarians into subscribing to his 'network', so that they could be counted and catalogued by Uncle Feddy.

    What does that have to do with being LDS? Perhaps nothing. But from the 1930s until as recently as the early 1980s, the LDS was under surveilance by the FBI and other Fed.Gov agencies for possible subversive/anti-government activities. Strangely, that all came to an end about the same time as the Iran/Contra hearings were going on (you do remember Oliver North and REX84, right?), and there's been not so much as a second glance paid to the LDS by Fed.Gov ever since then.

    Which begs the question, what deal did the LDS make with Fed.Gov? and how does the timing - with Congressional hearings about Iran/Contra and REX84 - make sense, unless the LDS either assisted in covering up certain information regarding those matters, or was itself somehow involved in those matters to begin with.

    I wish I had more to offer, but that's the extent of my take on GB and the LDS. I'm sure others have their own little bits and pieces to add to the stew...

  5. Did THEY indeed move the deep state to Utah? just read this on another blog = totally unrelated. Is not a giant NSA facility located in Utah? And Server farms?

    These are cowboys fulfilling prophecy.

    The flip side is they are smoking out the rebels.

    GB was a revelation. Same MO.

    The more desperate they become, the more they tip their hand. Wolves /sheep.

    Who are most likely to oppose negative interest rates and cashless currency?

    Who are working with .gov to refine the technology? Have huge secure data centers? Are well funded? Have people who can relate to 'patriots'?

    Where is the safest location to survive a nuclear holocaust and be isolated from ground attack? D E S E R E T ?


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