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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coming for 2014 Protestors en masse?



  1. I suppose they have decided it's as good a place to start as any.

    If this incites everything to go hot, hopefully they can be spread very, very thin.

    1. I like the way you think MissV!

      Are Mikey and Beef-Stews butts puckering yet?

    2. So, TD, you delivered aid that was publicized.

      Think you got a problem?

    3. Alan - this is something that we discussed prior to the humanitarian aid run. We all knew that if it went sideways everyone involved 'could' be targeted, if for nothing other than 'aiding and abetting' or some such nonsense. Since the charges, to date, are not 'terrorist' related, and there are (currently( no 'support of domestic terrorist' laws on the books, and the fact that it was calories and warm clothing delivered - I remain convinced TD is in the clear.

      (Keep in mind I thought I was in the clear in 2002 - so there's a grain of salt to consider ;)

      But if they come for him - they come for me...

    4. Alan,

      Yeah, it may be a problem for me.
      It is also a problem for you and every American Patriot.
      If they can manipulate us through fear of being arrested, we will all lose.

    5. Oh, I'm hearin' ya 5 by 5. You're just the only guy I kinda know directly. I wanted your thoughts. :-)

    6. Gotcha my Friend.

      We all owe God a death, we owe no man servitude....

  2. Wow! Now that's somethin'. Looks like they just raised the bet. Sure hope the Patriots are holding a pair of cowboys at least.

  3. Best get that operant conditioning in if you're one of the 86. Hell, best get it in if you're ANY kind of opposition to leviathan. They have, it's been proven time and again. Take as many with you as you can.

  4. BTW, how do I post with a name? I haven't quite figured out this blogspot deal. Don't see the name/email thing like WordPress. Not like I give a shit who comes after me. I am willing to kill and die. We all die one day.

  5. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-11/liberty-activists-and-isis-will-soon-be-treated-identical-threats

  6. And to think we'll be equated to the likes of this asshole. Religion of "Peace"


    1. Well, if you want to be philosophical about it, think of this. If they end up killing all of the men willing to stand up to them, they are still going to get theirs in the end because there is no way all those manicured and finely coiffed metrosexuals are going to push back back the Islamic animals, even if they do try and use their hair removal kits on them, lol. ;-)

  7. After doing some research on these supposed 68 warrants, the trails all lead to one source. Oathkeepers National. The original claim was made by their media relations, Jason Van Something. There is also a video by OK media stating the same.
    Is this another engineered story designed to instill paranoia and confusion in the Patriot movement?
    After the drone strike and imminent attack of the refuge stories were both found to be dubious, one must really question the timing of this claim and the round table of our "betters" podcast, asking that the fate of the Patriot movement be put in their hands.

    The facts are, the amount of disinformation being circulated by Culper and OK National should have everyone questioning their motives.

    Disclaimer, this is speculation, for now. There are way to many coincidences happening lately that causes dots to be connected in ways that shine a negative light on certain entities.

  8. Any organization which grows big enough and/or influential enough, will be bought or commandeered by those whose first obsession is control of everything. OK hit that point about 5 years ago, and for those of us who were active with them back in 2011~12, the change was a noticeable one.
    I was a noob to OK at the time, but the sea change which I observed was, unfortunately, sufficient cause for me to walk away.
    Now, my counsel to folks is simple - any organization willing to incorporate as a not-for-profit, is giving itself into the hands of big government.

    The organizations worth joining are run in guerilla-mode - their leadership is undocumented; the group has neither a 501(c) nor 527 filing, no letter of incorporation, nor any other formal disclosure on file with the government, whatsoever. It holds no bank accounts, maintains no formal membership roster, and conducts no 'open meetings'.

    We have arrived at that time in our nations history, when the most important organizations, doing the most essential work of restoring the Republic, are unseen, unheard, and mostly unknown, except by those so engaged. Such men seek no pedigree by their actions, neither fame nor glory do they need; but in dark an patient waiting is the substance of their creed.
    Subvenite oppresso; In iustitia stare.
    Cum magna fiducia, libera oppresso.
    Nos facere!


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