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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cliven Bundy

We knew several days ago that Cliven Bundy was headed to Oregon.

Our assessment was simple: This is how Civil Wars go hot.

A few news pieces offered his reasons for going - and given the state of our media (professional and citizen journalism) every assertion must be considered with a pound of salt until facts are revealed.  A couple outlets suggested he was headed out with Militia. Some suggested he was headed to Malheur to help walk the remaining protesters out.

Maybe he was merely going to visit his sons in a FedGov visiting room.

We do not know.

Today there is speculation that he was arrested for conspiring in the Malheur protest.  Some are speculating he is being hit with 2014 charges.

We do not know, yet.

What we know is outweighed by what we do not know.  For now.

What every Patriot must now consider and revisit is the If/Then matrix.  If X happens, I respond with Y.

There will always be people who talk tough and forever find reasons as to why this hill or that hill is the wrong hill upon which to stand.  In many cases, those decisions are valid, even if you disagree.  Some are mere cowardice - like 'Not One More Inch' followed by 'Here's my pistol, officer' at a traffic stop. 

Should Florida Patriots kit-up and ride to Oregon?  I think most of us would say no.  Should Spokane Patriots kit-up and ride?  The only difference in reasoning on that question is geography, no?  Each and every Patriot must decide when, where and why...

If you believe in Local, local, local as preached by Bill Nye and accepted by most sane people in the Liberty Movement, then riding to the sound of the guns hundreds or thousands of miles away, given the reality of this fight of Rightful Liberty versus Tyranny, would be folly.

If you believe it is time to move, consider moving locally.  The Patriot in Pennsylvania can support the Patriot in Oregon in many, many ways, while remaining close to home to protect Home & Hearth.

And if this simply isn't your hill?  So be it.

Leaderless Resistance is self-explanatory...

...no matter your choice this morning or this night, there will come a moment in your life when you will have decided, even if you remain in a holding pattern of analysis paralysis.


  1. Any questions?

    A criminal complaint filed Thursday stems from Bundy's role at the center of a tense April 2014 armed standoff with federal officials near his ranch in Nevada.

    It involved Bundy's supporters pointing military-style weapons at federal agents trying to enforce a court order to round up Bundy cattle from federal rangeland near his ranch.


    Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who touched off one armed showdown with federal authorities and applauded another started in Oregon by his sons, was arrested late Wednesday at Portland International Airport and faces federal charges related to the 2014 standoff at his ranch.


  2. Read the charges:

  3. Be on topic ....! the topic is what do you the idaho 3 percent stand up for......??? hot dog and weenie roast.....or back yard keggers ?? this country was founded by brave men who put it all on the line like the bundy family has and like lavoy has......we need a militia in the west that will stand up and protect our patriot brothers when the tyrannts have thier foot in the ass......so is this on topic....we are talking about the Burns situation and the fact we just allowed these brave souls to be bushwacked and not 1 militia or patriot movement stepped up ???? lots of folks would follow a strong patriot movement.....

  4. Visable after approval.......you folks sound federal funded....or infiltrated

    1. Heh. Visible after approval, pretty common on blogs, so is spell check.

  5. any rancher will tell ya tits on a bull aint good fer nothing..........

    1. The same thing can be said for trolls on a blog.

    2. ...or blog hosts who are full of shit. And the very few who for God only knows why continue here. Dammit, Tone Def... or LT... what the hell, man? Don't you even WONDER why the rest of us don't post here anymore? Or why the "BBWG" is 'dead'?
      For God's sake, get discernment, knowledge, and understanding. Is it we are all crazy, or just... him?
      And the experiment continues... does Sam post this?

    3. Anon 3:17 - you don't even have the balls to use your name? Coward.

      Move along now and let the adults get back to actual Liberty work.

    4. Anon 3:17 - no, your level of Stupid doesn't get any more airtime until you identify yourself. I know only one 'Don' - and you ain't him. So, man the fuck up you little bitch.

      As to your challenge - come get some. You do not have the balls to use your name, you'll never have the balls to step to me.

      Verify who you are, and we'll continue this discussion. Until then, run back to your little circle-jerk of keyboard pud-pounders. We have no use for your level of insignificance, here.

      Everyone wants to be a 'Patriot' - until it is time to do Patriot Shit. Then people like Anon have to try and justify their existence - which, of course, is impossible.

    5. Anon 3:17,

      Discernment, huh?

      That's an awfully big word for such a little girl.
      Did your Daddy teach that to you?

      If you're truly a part of the BBWG, send me an email telling me why I should not post here.

    6. TD: Turns out Anon 3:17 is 'Grandpa'/'Stormfriend' but chose to play bullshit anonymous games instead of standing the fuck up like a real man and using his name.

      We all remember how he had no problems with me until his admonishment on this blog that I should STFU and work with Camel Toe and others, no matter what they have done. I told him and others, as publicly as they chose to come at me, to ESAD. Since then, he suddenly endorses every scrap of pablum gratuitously put forth by the porn-peddler/stalker Ken Lane.

      So much for Intellectual Honesty.

      Whatever 'Grandpa' may have been in his younger years, no matter how noble and capable, he is no longer that man - today, he is nothing more than a pandering, sniveling, anonymous-hiding lemming led by the nose by manipulative Quislings.

      He - like every other - can't show where I picked his pocket or broke his leg, yet his Ego will not permit him to stop cruising this website and playing little fucking girl games trying to undermine real work.

      I'll stand alone before I ever stand with a man who has surrendered fundamental Intellectual Honesty.

    7. That is SO weak, Grandpa.

  6. Yeah, Tone Def and LT, how dare you make your own decisions about what you read and where you post. Nothing like being called stupid by "Anonymous". Funny isn't it that "Anonymous" is still reading this blog that he disdains so much, why do you think that is? To keep the hatred flowing, that's why. Pathetic.

  7. Probably a sopsey or wrBS regular

  8. Ha, here I thought it sounded like one of the other backstabbers that tried to cozy up to me, I guess that one's style must be rubbing off on Grandpa.

  9. I thought the same thing. It sounded like who we were discussing yesterday.

  10. RyuAugust 29, 2012 at 11:50 AM
    We've got a friend up there, a WN named Arctic Patriot. He's got a blog too

  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/ArcticPatriot/followers

  12. Meanwhile, the point of the original post is lost in the noise of all the name-calling.

    Each of us must decide how large our circle-of-obligation is; how far we can go to stand on the 'X', and how long we are capable of maintaining such a deployed posture, without sabotaging ourselves and our families.

    These are the essential questions; and if you don't have valid working answers to them, then "who you're willing to work with (or not) is effin' moot, damnit - if you're only capable of rollin' 500 miles, and being on-site for 3 to 5 days, then what difference does it make if you agree/disagree with someone on the other side of the continent? Zip. Zilch. Nada! (It's about as relevant as your political opinion of Putin. Whatever it might be, you're not going to get a vote in the matter.)

    Everyone who knows me, knows that loyalty is my key metric, and that isn't going to change any time soon. If I'm gonna die under fire, it's going to be with men I respect... and no one can tell me who that should/shouldn't be; it a function of my conscience and my trust. Period. Shitposting can only backfire on you, so please don't try, esp. in public view.

    Get back to what matters - your circle of obligation; supporting allies in your AO; and being active in meatspace - These come first.

    Traipsing the hinterlands of Blogonia, leaving a trail of comments like bread crumbs - should be what you do in the wasteful moments left between your purposeful activities; it does not count as a purposeful activity in and of itself.
    (Sorry K, but you know that's been my position for a long time now)

    Tempus Fugit,
    Memento Mori;
    Disciplina et dedicatione,
    quod in maximis duco sunt.

    1. No need to apologize to me - I'm not the one running around posting anonymously and trying to hen-pech Patriots for not succumbing to Group-Think.

  13. Mr Bundy was not with us when he went to Oregon and he decided to go on the spur of the moment he never said he was going and did not tell us he was leaving , I am one of the militia that was with him up until the night he left , I am still out west with others from the refuge , We are not leaving until the job is done but know that they will lock us up one by one if we do not stick together and make a hard stand .


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