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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns Chronicles

Number 1 - here.

Number 2 - here.

Some American Patriots went there and did that.  Gary is one.  ToneDeaf and his Second did also.

If you were not there, and you did not support those who were there, you are armchair quarterbacking from the nosebleeds.  S.T.F.U.  

God bless every Patriot who dared put their asses on the line.


  1. He had me until the 9mm showed up. FBI narrative. Sorry.

    1. And, you authority for saying there was no 9mm?

  2. Why anonymous did the Whitehouse.gov folks not love u either so ting at COMPUTOR typing ain't a PAtriot SORRY you need to be silent till called on

    1. FSUL - Just trying to parse the lies from the truth before I stick my neck out. No sense driving into an ambush.

      Too many things not adding up but that is the way of the CIA. Destabilize much?

      Hell, just posting here is sticking your neck out. This is a perfect forum to smoke out the hardcore and half cocked. No offense.

  3. Gary,

    Can you shed some light on Mark McConnell?
    Where did he come from? How long was he at the refuge? Why was he driving the 2nd vehicle? Why was his FB video so contrarian to both Shawna and Victoria's accounts especially when he claims that his 2nd and 3rd hand info came from Payne and Shawna? Why is his FB page "new"?

    I am asking these questions to piece together his motivations for his video claims.

    I would also like to personally thank you for your assistance in coordinating our resupply run on the 8th.

  4. I interviewed McConnell back in August 2015to do the story on Paris Frazier (http://outpost-of-freedom.com/blog/?p=1195). I hadn't spoken with him since, until this came up. He was accessible, since he was released. Without reviewing the a taped interview with another person, I recall that he had only been there a short while. Apparently, he had slept at the refuge, which seems to be one of the criteria. He did explain, in another video, that he had made the mistake of repeating, as if of his own knowlk3dge, the part about LaVoy charging the feds, however, to maintain as much objectivity in my interview with him, I made clear at the start that the subject was not a part of my interview.
    I interviewed Shawna, who as upset over what McConnell had said, but I didn't allow the interview to visit that subject, against, for the sake of objectivity -- not emotions.
    I finally spoke with Payne, yesterday, though we never got to that subject, but he was not present at the shooting.
    There surely is room to question motivation, but that has not been my purpose, and I will not go negative on a patriot (even professed patriot) absent solid proof. IN 23 years, only Linda Thompson and Chris Blystone have been subjected to that scrutiny, though there are many in the movement who have been questionable.
    You are welcome, and now I can say, "Thank You", as when I got to the refuge, I realized that I had forgotten my long-johns. I was given some bottoms (all that I needed) from the store of what you had sent. It sure made me more comfortable during the night of the 26-27, when I was about 12 hours at the "front gate".

    1. Gotcha, thanks for the info. I agree without the proof part. That happens far to often around these parts. ;)

      I am glad that the stuff got used by someone.
      It is awfully nice to meet you Gary.

    2. TD: How cool is it that you have real-world feedback that your efforts at the Refuge helped a Patriot? You did good at the Refuge, and I am proud that you took point.

    3. I am happy that I was able to help a fellow Patriot NOT freeze his balls off. ;)

      I still insist it was a team effort. At least until Holly strong arms me again. :)

    4. Yes, shows that teamwork can get things done when they need to get down. It was a pleasure working with you both.

  5. The Indictment has been unsealed, though identified in the Docket as Redacted. The Redacting is the separation of the individual sheets showing their role in the events. Those document remain, as of this morning, sealed.
    So much for public trials -- cause the government has to keep their secrets.
    PDF of three page Indictment:

  6. Gary,

    One last question.

    Any insight into the remaining four at the refuge?

  7. As far as I know, they are holding firm in their demands. We have considered getting twenty to thirty people in to hold the ground still retained -- the battle is not yet over.
    If we get some in to assure that we can hold it, then maybe a general call up will muster a force sufficient to get the gov to back down.


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