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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

III: Own it, Patriots



  1. Written by Seattle Commies. Lovely.

    1. It's even worse than you thought - Seattle doesn't just have commies, they're hipster commies.

    2. There's two things I hate, Illinois Nazis and Seattle Hipster Commies. :)

  2. Can any one confirm black hawk helicoters 5 of them brought in and after saying we could repell in. any army equipment and personnel.they trying to draw people in to a show of force to make an example. There using the 4 at refuge as BAIT .its win at any cost even if your wrong for GOVERNMENT. They dogs. They love law enforcing even unconstitutional one so much because its a high for them to kill BEAT jail screw over lie to make a conviction anything to get an ataboy here's another badge or some more money or a plack or an awards banquet just for you ego. They love what the devil love praise and worship told they great dogs. Pigs that grill

  3. 7 FBI doctors return to burns hospital again same as they did before the levoy MURDER. Who has those 4 people at refuge backs? What excuse will they use for murder this time. They wouldn't obey surrender dis obey there holy spirit so its there job and government given task and right to kill resistor's. Is your job and money more important than LIVES. Telling some one your r a patriot and defending the constitution with lip service is lame. Where's the oath keepers this time. Where is 3percentors where's cacific patriots where are the american government employees who should stop this. Watching the action from there government COMPUTOR screens and making up lies to cover for other government murderers.may YAHWEH GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR POOR DEAD SOLE'S


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