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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good on the U.S. Senate

The innovative clandestine warriors of the World War II era are ever closer to well-deserved recognition. The Senate has unanimously passed bipartisan legislation that would award the Congressional Gold Medal to veterans of the Office of Strategic Services — the O.S.S., the forerunner of the CIA and special operations forces.

Good on those Senators who passed this piece of legislation.  Let's hope the Representatives step-up as well.  Congratulations to those in the private sector who have been dauntlessly pursuing recognition for our O.S.S. vets.

There are many spokes in the wheel that were essential for winning WWII.  If you remove the spoke that was William Donovan and his Team at O.S.S., it is reasonable to conclude most of Europe would today be living under Nazi rule, and our world would be quite a different place...

Here's the piece.

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  1. How many if any are still living? What Congress needs to do is give the Gold Medal to the remaining Korea and Vietnam vets.


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