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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Normalcy Bias & Cognitive Dissonance

Normalcy Bias - start here.

Cognitive Dissonance - start here.

These two mental states and reflexes are the core failings to be found within the Liberty Movement.  Even those who claim to be 'Awake' are usually firmly in the grasp of these two mental states.  "I have a month of preps, an AK/AR that has been sufficiently Tricked & Slicked (TM) and a thousand rounds of ammo.  I have the latest Glock and can hit the X during barrel drills from 21 feet.  If those Storm Troopers come for me, or try to flash-bang 'MY' baby in the crib, well, I'll give 'em a dandy case of what'fer!"

That is an over-simplification for many of us - but not most.

Denial of Reality is not just a mental failing, and one that is easy to understand - it is also just plain stupid.  It is stupid because it can so easily be avoided.  Chaos can be navigated - if you are properly prepared and mentally disposed to the true meaning of 'Chaos'.

No man can prepare for every scenario.  Even if you do, it is the nature of Chaos and our Reality that you may not survive.  Many of the best-trained and experienced Warriors who ever lived are buried in graves because they caught a bullet or got a knife in the neck.  Shit Happens.  

You were born with an expiration date.  Accept it.  Get over your own insignificance and do what is necessary to give your people the best chances for survival.

Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance are at the shallow end of the pool regarding mental challenges - they face most people and most people can, if they try, navigate to safety.

Some mental challenges - genuine mental illnesses such as obsession, fixation, racism (which is a clarion call of Critical Thinking damage within essential brain centers) et cetera - disqualify some people from relevance to the Liberty Movement.  We'll get to those mental illness sufferers later in these discussions.


  1. The pillowcase patriots are doing damage control. It's amazing just how many of the lemmings have zero understanding of what's being played out.

  2. Contain your pride... it's not just the pillowcases and the statist lemmings who have zero clue - normalcy bias and it's attendant situational blindness are so prevalent as to be ubiquitous amongst the *entire* population of the US and Europe.

    Fact is, we've all had it far too easy, for far too long. The coming correction will render a mortal shock to 99.99% of the population, guaranteed.


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