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Saturday, February 13, 2016

And so we end...

SCOTUS has not been an ally to Liberty for generations - but they have, from time to time, been an impediment to absolute Tyranny.

Those days are over.

Scalia is dead.  Next?  5-4 favoring the Enemies of Liberty, without restraint.


And consider this - here.


  1. For anyone who doesn't understand the implications:

    Imagine that, up until now, there has never, ever been a clear-cut progressive hold upon the Supreme Court. And therefore, every president, every congress, which has crafted a curtailment of our liberty, has always been forced to do so in such a way that it stood a reasonably solid chance of running that gauntlet of "the highest court in the land".

    IOW, it caused them to act with "Restraint". It may not have seemed like it to you and me, but trust me, for progressives, it was restraint. Profound restraint, in fact.

    But now, with Scalia's passing, 0bama will leash the court with his next appointment, establishing a progressive majority panel therein, and thus turning one of our few remaining "checks and balances" into a progressive rubber stamp committee...

    In two short words - WE'RE FOOKED


    1. Balls-on accurate.

      I think one of the themes on which I must concentrate here for a while is Normalcy Bias.

      Whether our current President manages to put the next Justice on the Court, or Hillary/Trump/Sanders gets to do the deed, does ANYONE think the next person will be anything but a compromise between Scalia and Marx?

      Translation: EVERY AWB/Gun Control law that reaches the Court will now stand. Every Domestic Terrorist law will stand. Every mandate from every Marxist in Congress will stand as supreme Law, seen by the masses as having 'Constitutional Approval' because SCOTUS declares it so.

      And the next AWB will not be Clintonian - it will be Draconian. The next mandate (think ObamaCare) will impose a carbon tax on your very existence. Continue ad nauseum.

      There is no more room in 'the middle'.

      You are on Team Liberty or Team Tyranny - and Tyranny has all the cards, all the resources, all the 'full faith and credit' of the USC.

      If you believe in Rightful Liberty, all pretense is gone. You are at war - end of discussion.

      Liberty will die - or not - on our watch.

      If you have children, time to get serious...

    2. Normalcy Bias is the poison which is killing us...

      ...and there is only one cure: the shock which violently awakens. Therefore, be prepared for what comes; and no matter how awake you count yourself, no matter how bad you expect it to be, you will still have underestimated it, when it comes. This is the nature of the thing, and we are all subject to it.

      Peace is fled afar off, and who can bid it's return?

      Reckoning descends, and who can but pause it's comminuting force?

      Judgement rises resplendent, and who shall bid its enshroudment once more?

      There are none worthy; none who has bled pure fidelity; none who has a worthy sacrifice made...

      But even though we be without Just cause within ourselves, we have recourse to Him with whom Justice resides, and He shall judge our cause, without impediment, supreme and unfailing.

      And for those who will not believe in this simple Truth, then I ask - in what shall you believe without faltering?

      What hope shall bear you up in your moment of doubt; what recompense shall you have when all of this world turn against you; with whom shall you conspire in your loneliest hour; and where shall you go when your time here is done?

    3. These are my words, if you would accept them for what they are -

      Liberty but envigorates the soul: Should a soul be inclined to do good, then out of liberty he shall surely make goodness; but if a soul be determined upon evil, then liberty shall but stoke in him all the more, that evil by which he is already engulfed, until his every work is an article of wickedness itself.

      By this observation I find all the proof which might ever be needed, to establish the facts of a simple warning unto my fellow countrymen, in this generation and for as many generations as our United States might endeavor to exist in happy union with one another --

      Liberty is a blessing unto men of God;
      none other can withstand it.


  2. Damn! This can't be good. Why couldn't it have been Ginsberg?

    Get ready for McConnel to approve whoever oBama appoints.

    Then get ready for oBama to push through every marxist utopian scheme with no resistance.

    They better realize that it is we the people that are the final arbiter of the USC, not the SCOTUS.

    1. And they should do anything but laugh at the thought that this is true because...? The closest that so-called Team Liberty has come to effectively calling their bluff on a notable part of their anti-liberty agenda has been passive refusal to comply with various AWB-like state-level legislation. Anyone who harbors even the faintest illusions that loss of SCOTUS as an even occasional impediment to their insanity is anything other than a catastrophy is either naively idealistic or dangerously delusional. What happens when a REAL AWB makes it through to passage and every attempt to overturn it is quashed all the way up to SCOTUS? Have no illusions - It WILL NOT be long before this occurs. There will be two options, with one leading to perpetual slavery and one leading, quite likely, to the death of any patriots who choose that route. Show me where you see REAL signs that even semi-organized resistance to such anti-2A efforts is likely to magically appear. I challenge you not to demoralize you, but to help each of us take an honest look at where we are, where we stand, and what we are, or are not, willing to do in the cause of liberty. The time for "posing" behind a keyboard is, or is about to be, OVER. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

    2. Anon: Your challenge is not out of line - most of us here are realists, including TD, and most of us agree the timing of this is just plain ugly.

      We have squandered our last remaining minutes and allowed people like the Camel Toe crew to further divide us all - which is what they have been paid and incentivized to do.

      We be fook'ed.

  3. People are not going to realize that they are the final arbiter of the USC. Most Americans have never read the USC, let alone any supporting contemporary documents or opinions of it. I honestly do not know if they even teach kids about the USC anymore. I have an opinion that if they do, it's Obama's interpretation of the document.

    I know we will be in trouble with appointments with a Clinton/Sanders/Trump president, but honestly even if one of the others were to win, I don't think it would be much better simply because constitutional values/beliefs are so watered down, even with conservatives, that we won't get a true to origin Justice.

    Do you think there are many Americans who actually realize the significance of the history we are living, right this moment?

    Anyone who has any regard for the safety of kith and kin had better be on the fast track to preparation, if they aren't there already because the new normal is going to be a very, very hard taskmaster.

    Hopefully you've been practicing Local, Local, Local and you have Tribe because you best be putting your heads together and figuring out how you are going to adapt and survive.

    1. Miss V - many people *will* realize it, when their choices are: step up and arbitrate it for themselves, or obey the interpretation of other and get into the boxcars.

      It's ironic that so many mispronounce the word "arbiter" as "arbeiter". Because in German, "arbeiter" literally means "worker", from the root "arbeit" = "to work". Thus was it wrought over the gates to Auscwitz (and many other such camps), "Arbeit Macht Frei" - which translates to "Work will make you Free"... a most horrible mockery upon those who passed beneath those words.

      Have we learned no lessons at all?
      Or do we but mock ourselves to shame?
      Dear God, have we learned nothing at all?


  4. McConnell just stated that vacancy should not be filled until next Presidency.

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  8. Comment @8:35


  9. A recess appointment to replace Scalia represents the worst of all possible outcomes for this unfortunate turn of events - or as a good friend of mine put it, "If 0bama chooses to do this Han Solo, then we're all going to be Foobacca".


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