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Saturday, February 13, 2016


New World War - here.

New Cold War - here.

If you have read here for any length of time, you understand the threat Russia and Her hardliners pose.  You understand Golitsyn and Angleton.

If you believe the Stupid often bandied about by 'professional military analysts' now providing professional provocateur services to the Liberty Movement, you dismiss the Russians because '...they still move their troops by train...'  (You are also still probably waiting for '...the emergency evacuation of California due to the drought...'  - The Stupid runs strong in some.)

Darwin promised us an eventual cleansing of the Stupid from the gene pool.  That can't happen too soon...


  1. War and epidemic are two of the three most effective population-killers ever discovered; and when the two work in concert, a substantial portion of a nations (or even a continent's) population can be eliminated in a very short period of time. (research WWI and the Spanish Flu if you need an example)

    The third leg of the mass-death triad, radioactive contamination, has already been disbursed nearly world-wide via the Fukushima incident, although this "coincidence" does not rule out subsequent releases of radioisotopes in the future.

    You must examine all aspects of the environment if you intend to identify and stack-rank all possible threats; your groups survival depends on it, and your blind-spot is only as big as you want it to be...


  2. Is NATO using Turkey and the Saudis to start WWIII?

    Turkey is already shelling Allepo right now.

  3. ToneDeaf, yes the trick to starting a world war, is to drag as many countries into it as possible, before it coalesces into the great conflagration you wish it to be; that way their pride will, like the barb of a fishing hook, ensure that they are committed to all which comes after.

    See here for my previous analysis, from March 2012 -

    You might also look at these, and note that, while it is now 4 years later, the foundation of the scenario remains nearly identical:


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