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Thursday, October 20, 2016



You are strong, or you are not.  

One does not clear leather in Wal-Mart and fire a round just to demonstrate that he is armed and his firearm works properly.  One does not plink in the neighbors back yard with a .50 Barrett to posture a 'message' of 'strength'.

Recent US flexing only demonstrates the weakness of spirit living in the chests of our 'Leaders' and their advisors who would support such behaviors.  I am terrified at the premise of any of the current Presidential candidates getting the football...

...a more frightening consideration than mere flexing?  Perhaps future History books will write of these days and events as the escalation we all witnessed heading into WWIII.


  1. Of particular interest to those paying close attention is the fact that, in accordance with certain treaties which the US is signatory to, i.e. START/START-II/NewSTART we are limited in the number of such "test launches" which we can perform. Since launches of "other types" of orbital/suborbital vehicles are frequently interpreted by other signatories as regulated "test launches", there is always the risk that a complaint could come before the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) that we have committed violations... such an event would Make of the US an instant shit-magnet in the international community, onto which all nature of other problems would then be glommed. = = = I call to your recollection, what happened to South Africa, after a **planned** underground test-detonation was disclosed to the international community in August 1977 - a planned test detonation which was never even actually performed.

    In this instance, 0bama is esentially an 8-year-old, playing with matches in the garage, standing right next to the gas can and fuel soaked rags commonly found with the lawn mower, chain-saw, weed whacker, and etc. What could go wrong?

    This is iconic of our present level of foreign policy accumen, and we should not expcet it to improve with the election of *any* of the likely candidates presently before us.

    That our nation is presently in the weakest, most embarassing global posture it has exhibited in over a hundred years, and that we appear poised to remain in the grip of such profoundly incompetent hands for the forseeable future, should be prominently positioned on your group's threat/response matrix. (as difficult as such a proposition is to plan and prepare for)

    I would suggest that, at a minimum, every group begin monitoring Non-English international news and commentary sources (particularly via short-wave radio) to begin understanding exactly what the rest of the world thinks of the good ol' USA at this time, and begin keeping a diary of significant events on the international stage as they occur, so that you have baseline from which to interpret future events.


  2. Weakness is not doing right when you know what right is. Our military assets are being used against patriots by lizards aka leaders sorry lizards is a England leader group

  3. Russia, China, and India - these three shall come together -of necessity- into a defensive pact; pressured by the military posture of NATO and the economic offenses of the Western banking establishment.

    And the Western press shall declare them to be
    "A New Axis of Evil", and the warmongers of NATO shall loose their designs of war, and the Great Dance of Death shall again ensue across the globe.

    And out of that great boiling nexxus of global war, they intend to emerge, possessing all the wealth and power of the entire world; with the evidence of their theft and the proof of their treachery burned away by a billion deaths, and scourged away by the suffering of billions more.



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