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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The UnAmerican Gambit of the Left

GAMBIT:  something done or said in order to gain an advantage or to produce a desired result

Donald Trump said (paraphrased): I'll tell you if I accept the results of the election after I see what goes down on November 8.

The Leftist/Marxist/Dems lost their minds.  The Quisling Republicans chimed in with the Leftists.  

How dare he!  How f'n DARE HE call into question the legitimacy of rigged elections in America.

One of Trump's central planks has been to point out the media blitz against him, the dropped optics of everyone from Bernie to Krauthamer and Cruz and Ryan as regards the two wings of the bird that is the DonkeyElephantDodo.  Even the most ardent III Patriots who refuse to vote for Trump can agree - this man has earned the full wrath of both wings of the Leviathan and their MSM minions, and he has forced them to drop all optics as they try to deny him the White House.

So, the man said 'I'll let you know if I accept the results after I see how it plays out'.

Can any single one of you say that is 'unAmerican'?  He is crying foul, and most of us see those fouls with our own eyes - yet we are going to give him snot about crying foul?

I don't think so.  Not this III Patriot.

Calling a rigged election a rigged election is not unAmerican - it is the bravery to be truly American - to tell the world there is a problem.  Dems and R's want him to endorse a 'President' who stole the election, merely because it is the result, EVEN IF STOLEN?!


Every single one of you moms and dads at your kids soccer games will call out a bad call from a ref.  Please be f'n consistent when the 2016 results come in.  If it was rigged, f'n call it rigged!  DO NOT call for unity behind a f'n 'President' who STEALS the election - no matter what team for which he plays.

The Left is about to crush America.  Stand or kneel, the choice is yours.  But I will NEVER be intellectually dishonest.

If you see a stolen election and you tell Trump to suck it up - you have NO FUCKING IDEA what it means to be American, Free or at Liberty.  You have NO FUCKING IDEA why Revolutions begin.  You have NO FUCKING IDEA what it means to be part of 'Western Civilization'.  You have NO FUCKING IDEA why or how America came into existence - and you have no place among Freemen.

That is all.

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  1. "The Left is about to crush America"

    Go back to the beginning - "The Left" is a concoction of the subversive Royal British Society (RBS), which undertook to spread subversive ideologies into the societies of competing nations (US, Germany, Russia, Austrio-Hungarian Empire) to weaken them and maintain British dominance.

    They fomented everything from the American Civil War, to the rise of radical islamic rebellion against the Austrio-Hungarian empire which precipitated WW-I, to the rise of Communism which destroyed the Russian monarchy, and through the Versailles Treaty and the bankrupting of the Wiemar Republic, which lead then to the fomentation of National Socialism in Germany, which lead to WW-II.

    This is the reality of the size of the underlying impetus to disrupt, corrupt, destabilize, revolutionize, and ultimately maintain a totalistic hegemony over the entire world.

    What most fail to realize is that "the Globalists" of the RBS, chose to move shop after WW-I to the United States - and they brought their plans and means of world-dominance with them when the relocated to New York, overtly (what became the United Nations) and covertly (the Frankfort School and other elements headquartered at Columbia University) which is how the US became "the singular financial and military Superpower of the post-USSR world", because that was the original intent of the RBS in the first place - to create a singular "SuperState" and use it to control all commerce and political activity on the entire planet.

    Among the ideologies they fomented was radical Zionism, which they have used as one arm of the pincer by which they have maintained instability throughout the mid-east for the purpose of ongoing conflict; and radical Wahabist islam is the *other* arm of that same pincer, but they are actually fingers of the same hand, and both are ultimately under the influence of the RBS, which along with it's move to New York changed it's name to the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Now do you understand how big the game is?

    The 'micro-statism' concept under which the US Colonies were created - a strategy to keep small groups of people in competition and therefore conflict with one another, was again implemented in the mid-East, when Empire England withdrew it's visible hand of control at the end of WW-I. But that withdrawal of the visible hand was inconsequential when examined in the context of the invisible fingers of control which they placed in ever one of the "kingdoms" the created when they withdrew their armies of occupation.

    Look closely, examine everything, and see how you have been lied to and misled. The US government and several major US corporations assisted the Bolsheviks with the Communist revolution in Russia; just as American corporations like IBM and Standard Oil contributed to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany as the Wiemar Republic was bankrupted, and then they instigated and funded Russia to undertake war against Germany when they thought that Hitler would not do enough to destroy Europe on his own --

    All to lay the nations and economies of Europe and Russia low, so that they could propagate a new economic and political hegemony "over the entire civilized world".

    Their aspirations are no lower now. On the contrary, they believe that they are on the very verge of completing this infernal work of destruction...



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