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Monday, March 14, 2016

Brownshirt tactics work

There is more to come on this topic, from within the 'Liberty Movement'.

When meth-head physical cowards beg racists to do violence - we have seen the underbelly of the 'Liberty Movement'.

But until I explore that topic in-depth - here's PJB's piece.

Intellectual Honesty - without it, we are nothing...


  1. I will but point to two events, which illustrate beyond any reasonable question what happens to "brownshirts" and others who follow leaders of questionalble intent and even more questionable character -
    Hitler's Knight of the Long Knives, by which he consolidated power over the military and the courts; and
    Lenin's purge of the Menscheviks as soon as the October Revolution was accomplished.

    When 'politics' devolves to killing, such killing tends to come full circle, often with astonishing speed.


  2. Nunc quoniam de re publica
    consuli coepti sumus...

    Hic titulus ironia est.


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