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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

RevWarIII & CWII Underway...

With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month. - here.

PJB called it - here.

Prediction. Given their “victory” in Chicago, MoveOn.org and its allied nasties will try to replicate it, again and again. And as Americans came to despise the ’60s radicals, they will come to despise them.

And, as in the 1960s, the country will take a turn — to the right.

You need more ammo, Patriots.


  1. That fire which comes, shall test all things; and those which withstand it shall be found worthy, but as to the rest, they shall be consumed therein, to such extent that no trace of their passing shall remain.

    This truth bears equally upon both men and ideas; and shall spare neither in the day of Judgement which comes... but those who stand firm unto the end shall be saved.


  2. Let them try this crap in the 603. We have had enough already. It's time to define the line in the sand. No,I'm not keyboard tuff guy. I'm a pissed off red blooded American. Hope to see you all in the sandbox.

  3. Faciet illud magnificam, sed idoneus imperator est.
    Malita se circo est, sed orationes; arbitrium facit est.
    Cum in medio inferni, nolite stare sed, Vade! Vade! Perserva!

    1. Thus shall they prepare it; but it is sufficient for the emperor.
      Wickedness of them that the country around it, even the speeches; the decision is made.
      When in the midst of hell, do not stand, but one, 'Go! Go! KEEP ON

    2. Never rely on google.translate... particularly with those pesky "dead languages". It really does a terrible job with them. And that, in fact, is part of their charm... that things can be stated right out in the open, and be consistently misconstrued by the automata of the surveillance apparatus. :)

  4. K, as you have pointed out in the past, events tend to happen on April 19. This so called peaceful sit-in is scheduled to end on the April 18. Could the 18th mark the end of the peace, and the 19th the beginning of hostilities?

    Time will tell

    1. Good catch - I think the odds are high that 'something' will happen or be set in motion on the 19th - Bad People love their symbolism.

    2. From the Democracy Spring website.

      "Then, in the spirit of Granny D, the Selma to Montgomery marchers, Cesar Chavez and the farmworker pilgrimage, and others who walked for freedom, we will set out on a 10 day, 140-mile march from Philadelphia to the Nation’s Capitol."

      This gaggle of commies will be moving at a much slower pace than that of Lt. Col. Smiths retreat from Concord back to Boston.

      "But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here".

  5. Democracy, wherever and whenever it has been pursued, has alway been and shall ever remain the prideful instrument of small minds, which cannot comprehend great consequences.

    A monarchy is preferable to a true democracy, for while a monarch may be of small mind and/or evil intent, the monarch may possess good intentions and a great mind, and therefore the possibility of a society achieving great things under a monarchy remains at least a possibility, which under a democracy shall ever be kept out of reach.

    For the majority of men in any given generation shall *never* possess great minds, and even if such an impossible event came to pass, there is even less possibility that they all might agree on what form of greatness they intend to achieve.

    Therefore, the character and disposition of democracy shall ever be towards evil and conflict, becuase those are the only things surely within its grasp...



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