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Monday, March 21, 2016


John Robb offers one possibility - here.

This scenario requires only five people...

...you need more ammo and preps.

Thanks to my local ally who sent the link.

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  1. As with all things political, the *threat* does as much, if not more harm than the act itself. Look at the closure of LA schools the day after the San Bernadino terrorist attack - one school system closed, and nearly, 300, 000 students had nowhere to go. This impacted nearly 100, 000 workers, who had to make childcare arrangements on zero notice.


    Now, multiply that by 20, or 30, or more. Even if the threats were all false, the closures would all be real - millions of kids out of school; milions of parents suddenly taking the day off from work. Chaos on every road, delays and acciddents galore as distracted people rush in every direction, all at once.

    And, as the article states, if the threats targeted districts which lean heavily one way or the other, then the the cries of "foul" will be spewing forth from every talking head, in every media empire, even before the buildings have been cleared, and the damage will be done.

    Terrorism is all the proof anyone needs to understand that the threat, in and of itself, has an amazing amount of power. Particularly in a society which is as sensitized to such things as ours already is.



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