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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Simple Arithmetic Proves Imminent Collapse

60 million people collect Social Security in  America every month with an average check of $1200.

There are only 123 million people fully employed.

That means for Social Security to be able to cover its monthly nut, every working person must surrender $600 each month.  That means you and the person working in the cubicle next to you must surrender $600 dollars each and every month to put food into the pie hole of somebody who is collecting their SS check. Story is here.

Obviously, this is not happening.  Now add how much must come from your paycheck every month to cover the medicaid and medicare nuts.  This isn't happening either.  These programs will never be self-funding - because the arithmetic simply will not work.  In order to pay these monthly bills, .Gov must take money from other revenue streams to cover the gap.  

Reality: If you accept one penny more from any .Gov entitlement program than you have put into that program over your working years - you are a Free Shit Army parasite.  You are not an American.  You have no place among us.

A quick look at the clashes between the Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump armies should tell any and every thinking person that the American Host is about to purge itself of the Parasites.

This isn't about ideologies or the Constitution.

This is about survival.

The Parasites are trembling...


  1. So what you're saying is a worker bee as myself who puts into S.S and medicare every paycheck am not entitled to repayment of said funds when I am to old to continue in my line of work

    1. I wrote nothing of the sort - I wrote that every person is entitled to exactly what they have paid-in over the years - and not a penny more.

      You are morally entitled to your own cash - not to one single penny that another person 'contributed'.

      The only caveat in my mind is our .Mil vets - they are morally entitled to far, far more than than they receive.

  2. None of us should be contributing to or getting anything from the federal government. Military vets included except for those disabled by wounds received in combat. :-)

  3. We have all been lied too for so long that when we are presented with stark, brutal, harsh reality we find it offensive.

    I have come to the realization that when I am ready to retire, Social Security will not be solvent.

  4. "Social Security" was the nose of the camel under the tent flap, which has now become an entire herd of ferral critters, devouring everything in their path, and crapping all over the place.

    "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge"


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