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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Every Four Years...

...we hear the same breathless Chicken Little predictions that President Reagan, or Bush I, or Clinton, or Bush II or Obama, will start a war in order to invoke Martial Law and avoid elections - a coup.

Here is the latest piece, found at InfoWars.

Now - see graf #2 in the post below.

Just because X has not yet happened, X cannot happen.

That is why we are where we are today...

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  1. 100% foolish drivel mixed with faulty logic.

    The US military does an exercise in Korea every 2 years; they've been doing so since the cease-fire in 1953. Recall that there is no "peace" in Korea - only a long-standing armistice. The Chinese threatened the US and Allied forces with "all out war" if they pressed into the Yalu River Basin (i.e. too close to the Chinese border). The Chinese felt very threatened by Macarthur's success on the battlefield, and his very vocal opinion that "there is no substitute for total victory" and to him, that victory included the elimination of Red China as a global threat.
    Pres. Truman, Compromiser-in-Chief that he was, retired Macarthur for "insubordination" for being too successful on the battlefield, and within a month had ended the offensive which could have liberated all of Korea, and instead began peace talks which made the 38th parallel the defacto permanent boundary between NoKo and South Korea. The US Army is permanently stationed along the DeMilitarized Zone(DMZ), to this very day.

    There has not been a year since 1953 when both sides have not accused the other of violating the DMZ - most times with NoKo initiating incursion and with SoKo and US forces engaging in defensive combat to drive them out again. Rocket and artillery attacks across the DMZ are also very common, although they never seem to make the nightly news here in 'Murika.

    So when an alarmist website such as disInfoWars starts screaming bloody murder that this is "shocking news", you have to wonder, who'se paying their meal chit?

    Besides, 0blowme doesn't need a foreign war to stay in office. All he needs is a sufficient majority in congress to support such an action, and any number of justifications - not the least of which could be an economic calamity and/or widespread unrest here on home soil. And as far as either of those triggers, his administration has all the right "friends in low places" to initiate such a scenario, right on cue.

    So, the real question is, "do the shadow-players who bought 0blowme's ticket into the white house, want him to remain there beyond January 20th of next year?" Is 0bozo really that important to them? Because I doubt it. Using my best effort to examine his presidency from their perspective, he's done as much harm as good to their plans.

    And, I've yet to hear anyone with a reasonable thesis to explain why such a provocative act would make sense to those who own Washington DC, when their modus operandi is to keep the sheep happy enough not to revolt, and fed well enough to be good for the annual spring shearing.

    The last thing the shadow-players want is to trigger a widespread fear that "things have changed" or "we're being taken over" in any way. No, that is why they play the long game, and have been since the 1940s.

    They learned a painful lesson from the 'Golden Era of Progressivism' between 1900 and 1935, that pushing too hard, too fast, creates too much resistance among the proles. And that is not a mistake they are willing to make, again... until they are sure that it will obtain ultimate victory for them.

    So the real question is, "Do you think they are at the threshold of ultimate victory?" Because unless you do, then the 0bozo over-stay question is moot; purely hypothetical at best, and purely stupid at worst.

    Now can we please get back to reality - because there's plenty of *real* issues to be dealth with - things that are happening right now, today - which better warrant the time and attention of patriots than these sparklies about 0bozo overstaying his tenure.

    FOCUS, folks. Separate the wheat from the chaff.
    Time's gettin' very short: Build your preps, train your people, and stay tight with God.

    Everything else is sparklies of death, meant to distract and divide us...


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