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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

October Surprise

It appears likely the general election will be a Clinton v. Trump event.

Dare to test your political intuition?  

I know very, very few people will be willing to post such a prediction publicly.  As usual, you may send via email if you wish.

If you nail it, there will be a nice III Arms prize for you.

From Wiki: In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event deliberately created or timed (or sometimes occurring on its own) to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency. The reference to the month of October is because the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections) occurs in early November, and therefore events that take place in late October have greater potential to influence the decisions of prospective voters.


  1. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

    Been saying it for months now.

  2. It's not about predicting a winner - it's about predicting an October Surprise - some event instigated by one candidate (or on behalf of one candidate) to change the course of the campaign.

  3. Doesn't matter if there is an October Surprise or not. Doesn't matter what it goes against or for. Doesn't matter who you vote or don't vote for.

    Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

    It's just that corrupt. It's just that obvious.

    Nobody is willing too kill the helmsman.

  4. October Surprise = Outbreak of War.

    And I quote General Hodges, Referring to US standing forces in Europe, and the rapid-deployment capability of dispatching US troops to Europe (Primarily Germany) known since 1950 as REFORGER [REturn of FORces to GERmany], "My number one need is for combat aviation. That is the biggest gap in our capabilities. Everybody knows that the Army is designed to fight with our aviation. ... whatever the solution is, because it looks like they may have to add combat aviation back into Korea. ... We are not the only show in town."
    And, "Now, in the past year, the Army started rotating back over to Europe a heavy brigade., All of the equipment came back. ... So, we have got all of the equipment for a heavy brigade or an armored brigade [in Germany]." And "The requirement this year [for REFORGER] was just for the six months. [I.E. April~September], but now they will stay 9 months, and continuous 'Heel-to-toe' rotations will begin in January of 2017.
    Quoted from - http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/general-hodges-and-the-return-of-us-land-power-in-europe

    So, over the last year the US military has redeployed all the gear back to central Europe to fight a widespread land war, and they are now deploying troops to drive all those battlewagons, too. Troops who were to come home in September 2016, but will now stay "until january 2017".

    Over the same period, there has been an ongoing buildup of US troops and warfighting materiel on the Korean peninsula - as noted yesterday, here http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2016/03/every-four-years.html#comment-form

    Fact is, the US has definitely shifted back onto a serious war footing internationally, both in Europe and the Far East - and that just over the last 12 to 18 months. This is not at all trivial - on the contrary, it says a hell of a lot about what's coming.

    To Be Continued...

  5. Please take a seat, read the Following S_L_O_W_L_Y, and let it sink in -

    The significance in these build-ups of military power in Europe and the Far East lies in the nature of the Globalist confederacy -
    They're not all one big, happy family, even though they all believe in the exact same model of total global ownership. There are factions who are competing against one another, viciously, for control of the ultimate "One World Plantation" upon which they intend for ALL of us to be slaves.

    Each of the factions knows that there must be another World War - a *REAL* War to end all Wars. This coming World War not only destroys the old societies to make room for the new; it is also their opportunity to go at each other in a to-the-death grudge match, to determine who will own the One World Plantation which will be implemented in the aftermath.

    Remember what I have previously stated - Both Clinton and Trump are Nazi's. The only difference is which Nazi 'clan' they belong to. As such, they hate each other, as only mortal enemies can. But aside from which bunch of Oligarchs they want to win this coming last war, there is effectively no difference between them... because they both intend to follow through on collapsing the US economy, and involving us in WW-III.

    Each has sworn their allegiance to an internationalist 'clan', and abandoned all remnant of their felialty to the US and to us as Americans.
    To each of them, we are *all* just property.

    As such, it really doesn't matter to me, who sits in the oval and issues the order to apply the mark to every man who would obtain food to feed his family. But I bet it's going to be Trump. Because the Clintonistas have done such a fine job of pushing the US to the brink, that they'd really rather not preside over the actual fall.

    I beleive that Hitlery would rather watch the show from the safety of her private bunker, and when they're satisfied that the US is utterly unrecoverable, and the time has come for the Coup de Gras, she will send an assassin to take Trump out, for spite as much as to ensure that he cannot undo what they have done.

    Because that's how the Clintonistas roll. Always has been; always will be. That is, in fact, how Hillary got the Clinton's invited into their clan, in the first place - lots of wet jobs done under cover of darkness. A search on "Clinton Body Count" is easy enough to do, if you consider this proposition madness...

    Remember Room 101 - they want you to die emotionally and spiritually, long before you die physically - and they would send us all to The Chestnut Tree Cafe, to live out our decrepit and meaningless lives, sodden in Victory Gin and immersed in the perpetual blare of the telescreens...


  6. One more though about Gen. Hodges "number one need" -
    PRES. TRUMP: But, General Hodges, those military aviation units are needed here at home, to quell the multiple uprisings which threaten to destroy what remains of our nation's economy and national infrastructure. I can't allow that. We simply can't give you more aircraft and flight crews, or you will find you have no country to come home to, should you survive the war...

  7. The Ministry of Truth (Propaganda and Education); The Ministry of Plenty (Rationing and managed starvation, I.E. Food Stamps, WIC, etc.); The Ministry of Peace (which keeps all nations at war - i.e. The DoD and NATO).
    All three are fully established.

    Only the Ministry of Love (Law as Systematized Hatred) remains to be established, but they're working on it, overtime. In Europe, the muslims are serving to promote this transformation, quite admirably...

    In politics, the tripod is the least stable among all possible constructs; it breeds contempt and treachery faster than any other. Just like in "1984", indeed - 3 global powers, forever at war with each other, for no other reason than as a means of destroying all prosperity which is excess to the needs of the Inner Party elite. Because the ultimate power of a society to survive, is directly proportional to its level of desperation. No society which has achieved general prosperity has ever survived it, for more than a handful of generations...

    I'm going to rub your faces in things you wish to avoid; I don't find it strange that all you want to believe, is only that which comforts you; How else do we humans invent the traps by which we betray ourselves into mediocrity? How else do we manifest our cowardice?

    You are like most men; your consciousness violently denies its own powers of recollection; the lessons of things passed are beyond your reach, due to nothing more than your own fear. Behold the civilized man, with his cowardice laid bare --

    It is so easy to
    civilize people by teaching cowardice, and it pleases the maudlin middle of society so well, that they have ever and shall ever flock to it: because it excuses them from being that which they care not to be - Men. It is, in fact, too easy -- You dilute the standards which cultivate bravery; You artificially restrain the will; You regulate the appetites; You fence in every horizon; You make a law for every movement; You deny the existence and legitimacy of chaos; and you teach even the children to breathe slowly. In short, you tame what was born to be free: man.

    Continued below -


  8. Remember that there exists a certain malevolence about the formation of every social order. It is the very struggle for existence -
    despotism and slavery are ever poised about the edges of order; for to regulate such things is the purpose of social order - not to eliminate these things, mind you, but to regulate them.

    From its very beginning, social order causes injuries; and thus, the perceived need for laws. But law develops its own power structure, creating fresh wounds and inflicting new injustices. And thus the death of society is rooted in its very genesis, unavoidable and yet still unfathomable to most - because order is brittle, and the more orderly a society becomes, the more likely it is to crack, and crumble into the dustbin of history.

    And yet, the clammor; The clammor of it! Arising, as it does, from every nook and cranny of the fruited plain - NO!! Not here! ...it could never happen here.

    No; IT is not coming. IT is already here, and has been gorging iteslf upon our society for generations.

    The rumblings you hear presently, are not the gathering of the wolves for dinner; they are rather the sounds of a multitude of chairs pushed back from table, by the corpulent assemblage of predators, as they rise from a meal, most satisfying.

    The dinner party is over, Martha; all that remains are the dishes and the tidying up. And, there shall be plenty of that, after hosting such a messy clatch of verteran party'ers - who all know that they shall not be required to clean up after themselves, even a single bit.

    It is indeed difficult to hunt wolves on an empty stomache; unless you first reconcile yourself to eating what you kill. And therein lurks the darkest question at the root of every society; the question which makes even veteran fighting men blush, and lesser men swoon - do you have what it takes to set aside your very humanity, and commit the ultimate ugliness which needs be done, in order that humanity itself may survive? This is that most profound sacrifice which any man might ever make - to lay down the very essence which makes him human, knowing that he may never have the chance to take it up again; and that even being blessed to take it back up again, he will never again have the confidence in his humanity which he did beforehand. Thus does he become a stranger, everywhere; but most profoundly, even within himself.

    Ricky Tick - the remains of the day are upon us, and the darkness of night soon follows...


  9. I believe Hillary will be the next president. You think things are bad now just wait. Anyone would be better than her, but it just goes to show you the trajectory of our country. She should be in jail. Godspeed to you all.

    Nothing, much less the upmoming events in October surprise me anymore.

  10. I think it will be a Biden vs Trump election.
    The D's will have to pull Clinton from the race as she will be indicted or there will be such a stink from the Intel community if she isn't.
    The D's are as afraid of Sanders as they are Trump because they can't control him.
    This is all speculation as the world will be at war to misdirect the citizenry away from the global economic collapse that is picking up steam.
    A friend is a truck driver and has noted a major slowdown in deliveries.

    1. ToneDeaf - I concur with your assessment, in that the (D)emocrats are just as incined to kneecap Sanders, as the (R)epublicans are to kneecap Trump. I further believe that neither "party" wants to preside over the next phase of our nations 'transformation' - regardless of the fact that they are both fully on board with the achievement of said transformation.
      Those who look through the clean and objective lens of history know that we are in for one heck of a ride - one need only look at the polarization of the country, and the fact that both political franchises are struggling against their own alleged "base" of voters, to understand how massive the conflict we are now entering will be...
      In simple terms, and all Kabuki aside, this conflict of oligarchs vs. the people is going to resemble the proverbial "irresistable force striking the immovable object."



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