Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The III Percent Society will be on the ground in Cleveland for the RNC convention!  We will stream live from every hotspot - whether on the floor as the Establishment risks imploding the Republican party just to smite Donald Trump, or outside in the ruckus promised by the tens-of-thousands of Soros-backed Leftists who promise riots and mayhem as they seek to impose their tyranny upon us all.

It is essential that Liberty Forces receive real-time and unfiltered reports from inside the whirlwinds that promise to make new chapters of American history.  The III Percent must be where Those who mean to be Masters do their work.  We MUST be in their faces.

The optics have fallen this election cycle.  We are at a moment of bare-knuckle history.  We in the III do not intend to sit ringside - we are one of those small minorities setting brush fires and pushing back against Enemies of Liberty.

We need and invite your support.  III Patriots in the greater Cleveland area are encouraged to join us on the ground.  We will provide you with cameras, radios and needed infrastructure so you can help us stream live to our network of websites and support personnel across the country.  Those of you who can help us disseminate the raw feeds to social media and beyond, drop us an email.

If you can't be on the ground with us, consider other means of support at our home page: www.IIIPercentSociety.com.

In Liberty,


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