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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Defend Portland State Students April 16

Remember the college students who had their meeting shouted down by Commie garbage last week in Portland?  Well, they have decided to stand tall and have called for another meeting this Saturday at 2pm.  Location: Smith Memorial Student Union, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland Oregon 97201.

Here is their FB page.Good on 'em.

This group of Commie fucktards says they are going to disrupt the meeting again. Check out the threat at the end of the video.

We encourage all III Patriots in the AO to attend the meeting and quietly provide security. Regardless of whether you like or hate Donald Trump, you should find Commies and their attempts to intimidate and oppress repugnant.  Take snaps or video for us.  Take the temperature of the pro-Trump students regarding Rightful Liberty.  Network. Report back.

The fact that Trump is able to energize our younger generations is a gift for the Liberty Movement.  Wade in there and help nurture whatever dispositions they may have toward Liberty.  They will listen to you - then decide for themselves what course they will take.

If you find the Good Guys need to be defended - step up.

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  1. Apparently the black girl in the glasses that threatens the pro Trump Students is part of the PSU staff.

    So Oregon is an open carry state but I'll bet the campus is a gun free zone for anyone out of the area that might show up.


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