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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Democracy Spring & Democracy Awakening

The Democracy Spring folks are nearly in DC - they'll arrive Monday.  From the 16th through the 18th, they'll merge with the Democracy Awakening bunch and try to make noise and get themselves arrested in the name of Leftists everywhere.

Depending on what news outlet you read, the marchers number between 120 and 160. They began at the Liberty Bell in Philly and will end at the Capitol.  At the moment they are in Charm City.

Before you smirk at the small number of marchers - consider how many people show to Brock's PatCons.  Consider that the Idaho PatCon was very successful last year, drawing people from each coast (one of whom purchased a house in the AO while he was here) - and we topped out at 50.  How many were at your last Patriot gig?  

No - before you dismiss the 100+ folks marching in Democracy Spring, consider the commitment of walking 140 miles in 10 days, to join with a couple thousand like-minded Leftists in order to seek being arrested for their ideals.  We discussed 'Who wants it more?' the other day - this is simply a bit of evidence for consideration.

Now, arguing the other side of the equation: More than 300 Leftist groups have signed-on as sponsors of these two events.  What does it say that all of these groups, including more than a handful of Hollywood celebs, can't get more than 150 people to march or more than a couple thousand to DC?

Back to the other side of the court: If there are ANY counter-protestors in DC next week, they will likely number no more than 3 dozen people - and they will all live locally.

Who wants it more?

In all of this, there remains the X-Factor: Even with very small numbers, Those who mean to be Masters will have all the ingredients they need to spark a national ruckus - just in time for April 19...


  1. Latte Liberal Gets an Earful - viral video
    This video is going viral. Remember the crazy woman who screamed at Gov Rick Scott in a Starbucks recently. Well...


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  2. Off topic, but I just found out Eric Parker got rolled. Goes to show that if you let them take you alive, they get to break you at their leisure. Make them take a corpse... Several of their buddies' as well if possible :)


  3. I'm forced to conclude that those who want liberty aren't suffering badly enough...yet.

    Because the *Real Right* hasn't yet coalesced. It's nascence is impending - the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Barry-cades march prove that we are very close - but because truly conservative/libertarian minded people have an unnaturally high tolerance for idiots and bullshit (which is a fundamental feature of our worldview), we end up taking a metric ton of sh^t before we even seriously consider sending any back.

    Because it's part of our mindset that we don't expect everyone to agree with us, or even to sympathize with us - that's just not in our DNA. Nor is the concept of making others suffer along with us.

    But leftists naturally *DO* expect those things, and in fact DEMAND them -

    DEMAND that others agree with them, otherwise they bring out the Alinsky tactics to force us into agreement, or at least shut our mouths.

    DEMAND that we sympathize with every 'feelz' that they feel, and that our hearts bleed just as much as theirs, for every fatuous "cause" in their social-justice arsenal.

    And they're not at all hesitant to use government force (lawfare), corporate intimidation, union-controlled career destruction, and every other collectivist tool to

    In point of fact, using such indirect force makes most of them absolutely giddy. Because 99,991 out of 100,000 progressives would never have the stones to go one-on-one with one of us. That's why they like "lawfare", "mass protests", "Flash Mobs", and other collective actions - it gives them the feeling of power, without them having to personally assume the risk of the confrontation.

    Therefore, among our key strategies should be leveraging the direct, one-on-one communications mode which is so far out of their 'comfort zone'. Not necessarily being violent - but creating an opportunity to address them directly while they are cut out of the fold, alone and vulnerable - to make the clear impression that *if* you had intended it to be violent, there would have been nothing they could do to stop it.

    I'm talking Local Local Local here - deliver such a message to the commiest of the commies on your town council (or county commissioner), School Board, Zoning Board, or that statist pig employed as the chief dick on the commieville PD where you live or work.

    Silence is strangling us, and tolerance has become pure poison to our way of life -
    It's time to start letting them know how you really feel about all their crap, and what you're prepared to do about it.

    IOW, Its about time to start putting the fear of God in their hearts, and a fresh warm spot in their shorts... after which you disappear like a good little artful dodger does.

    I'm partial to opening with the phrase, "Final warnings don't get any better than this...", but use whatever words work for you... just make your warning lightening quick, painfully clear, and utterly unequivocal.

    This is the next stage of the game, folks. Commies and fascists have been intimidating, marginalizing, manipulating, falsely accusing, and even murdering those who raise a conservative voice for over 50 years now. It's time we started returning the favor.

    Just look at how many false pariahs they have made in the last 20 years with their "celebrate diversity or we'll smear you as a racist homophobe" campaign. They have ruined the careers and lives of many, many thousands of decent hard-working Americans. And so far, it has cost them nothing.

    But once again, I'll refer back to the popular aphorism about payback resembling a female dog.

    The rest of this year is going to be one heck of a rollercoaster ride - might as well make sure the progressives who built this beast get a chance to enjoy it along with us...

  4. LT, spot on once again.

    The monster that the commies/progressives have built is more hideous than Victor Frankensteins creature.
    Like Mary Shelleys tale, this beast of their making will turn on them and destroy them.

  5. I just heard on the Lars Larson show that a few hundred leftists were just arrested outside the Capitol.


  6. April 19th is our day, has been since John Parker summoned his men to the green. Let them not steal it from us; let us rather use their aggression as both cause and object of our vigorous reestablishment of our purpose and intent - which is, now as then, to drive out the tyrants, by force of arms as necessary.

    If they mean to have war, let it begin on our day, and on our terms...



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