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Friday, April 8, 2016

LGBT Question

How up to speed are you folks on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans-Sexual) push happening in public schools?

For instance, are you aware that some schools have two computer systems?  One is used in-house by faculty to keep track of which kids are identifying as X or Y, and a parallel system used by faculty when talking to parents/outsiders in order to keep these details secret.

H and I do not have kids - so much of the prevalence and blatant push by LGBT advocates openly in the public schools to minors comes as a shock.  It is not merely teachers being tolerant of these behaviors - it is teachers and faculty and outside special interest groups openly encouraging and actively advocating 'gender reassignment' and other deviances.  

Oregon: If you live in Oregon and have kids in public school, did you know that your 15-year-old daughter can get the state to pay for her sexual reassignment surgery - and that parental notification IS NOT REQUIRED?!  The State will pay a surgeon to chop off your daughter's breasts and take the position that YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT!

Communism is a repugnant stain on our planet - and it is tolerance of Communists that has opened the floodgates on these sorts of perversions.

Just how wide and deep is your Target Matrix?

You DO NOT have enough ammo...


  1. Oregon is quickly becoming the city of Sodom.
    Commie tolerance to every perversion of the flesh is public policy here.

    1. My understanding of Oregon politics is that the coast is in control of the state because of numbers, and that the coast is overwhelmingly Leftist. Accurate?

  2. Oregon politics is dictated by the commies along the I-5 corridor. The Coast and everything East of the Cascades is very conservative. Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene and Methford are all overran with California commies.

  3. Oregon and Washington are merely Northern California. In both states the eastern sides are much more conservetive than the coasts, but the population of the west coasts always dictates to the east.
    TD you need to move. I hear Montana is nice. ;)

  4. Very funny MissV.

    No thanks. Montana has one too many arrogant assholes for me.
    I would rather deal with the commies, at least I know where I stand with them.

  5. I dunno - that sharecropper/indentured servant deal he's offering sounds pretty sweet. ;)

  6. Hah! I guess all that money can't buy him a community, a slave, a loyal friend or a personality.

  7. True - but he and the family sure do live in a nice fifth wheel...

    Have home, will travel.


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