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Friday, April 8, 2016

Who wants it more?

You've been challenged with this question many times over the years at this site: Who wants it more?

It has been consistently demonstrated that the energy and motivation has almost universally been with the Leftists in America (and across the globe) in the last 50+ years.

Regardless of what you think about Trump, many of his supporters believe that they are the anti-Leftists.  This notion is why Trump's numbers and support have been so successful. The reality is rarely what matters - it is the perception that often carries the day.

So, when a group of college students organized a meeting for Trump in Leftist Portland, their gig was crashed by Leftist students and, according to all reports, quashed.  The Trump students were thugged into silence.

Who wants it more?

In this case, it was the anti-Trump faction.  They were willing to go farther to achieve their goals than were the Trump students.  Perhaps this experience will serve as a wake-up call for Trump supporters.  If so, they will push back next time and they will do the thumpin'.  If not, they will continue to be stuffed in corners and forbidden to dance.

We shall soon see the mettle of both sides.

Here's the piece.


  1. As I have stated many times --
    "In any conflict of ideologies, the most committed wins."

    For whatever reason, Leftists understand and play by this maxim with irresistable fervor; while libertarians and conservatives not only ignore the truth encapsulated in this one short sentence - they deny, malign, and scoff at it, as though their militant derision will make the question of commitment evaporate.

    Folks, politics is like breakfast -
    The chicken is involved;
    But the pig is committed.

    If you want to win, you must be the pig...
    Otherwise you're just chicken.

  2. 40 k a year to have that bullshit pumped into your kids head......

  3. Who wants it more?

    Leftists are willing to be assertive and rude at this time when they believe they have the upper hand. How will they react when the thin veil of civil society is pulled back showing the baseness of man.

    Who wants it more?

    Are they willing to die for their beliefs?

    Are they willing to kill for their beliefs?

    I know I am.

    1. The hardcore Leftists are willing to kil/die for their beliefs, and I estimate they outnumber hardcore Patriots by a factor of 5:1.

      The hardcore supporters of hardcore Leftists are very willing - and will demand - that .Gov agents kill and die on their behalf. These folks outnumber us by not fewer than 1000:1.

      The people who will actually follow the orders to kill on behalf of the hardcore Leftists (official agents and rampaging mobs of FSA) outnumber is probably by 5,000:1.

      Most 'Patriots' do nothing but complain, and the moment a real Patriot takes a stand, they shit all over him from the safety of their keyboards. They have no mettle, grit or fight in them.

      The only way to defeat such a coalition with such staggering disadvantages is to make them lose the will to fight...

      ...and therein is our only real chance.

    2. I know I am - It is a test I have already faced. And, having the veil of my misunderstanding torn away after having killed for my beliefs doesn't mean I need to retake the test - it instead means that I got an extra credit certificate in BS Detection, as well.

      That's why the monster mash in Washington is so afraid of combat veterans - because they know we can kill for what we believe in, and are *willing* to do it as a ***vocation***.

      Yes, that scares the crap out of them, as it rightly should - that a soldier is more familiar with the feeling of blood under his feet, than even a surgeon is... and just as unmoved by its implications.

      Yes, I can kill for my beliefs. And no, I shall not suffer that clouding of the mind, which blinds so many people to the nature of the necessities they labor under- I will finish what they have started, for the very simple reason that I cannot be free in this life until the last of them dies, or flees in defeat. And I would rather face Judgement for battling against tyranny, than suffer the judgement inherent in living under it.

      Every man must die,
      But not every man will actually live.

      They say reality is the mother of acceptance -
      That the things we cannot change do not define us,
      But rather they give us the opportunity to define ourselves.
      I am inclined to, agree.

      Having faced many difficulties in my life - some that I chose, and many I would never have chosen - I can say that each hardship, each point of choosing through which I have passed, has contributed to who I am today, and I cannot repudiate any of it, without denying who I am.

      "Know Thyself" is not just an obligation, its a journey. The further you are along in that journey, the more confident you become in who you are, and what you are capable of...

    3. Even if they have the numbers, the fact is that death is preferable to their plans for the world. Those willing to fight and die will win either way. If the mission is a bolo, Death is the ultimate freedom. If we succeed, well, we restore Rightful Liberty :) win/win IMHO

    4. Agreed - death is not the worst fate a man can endure.

  4. Are the hardcore leftists and their supporters truly committed enough to slash a mans throat and watch him choke on his own blood? Committed enough to splatter a mans brains against the wall with a .45 at point blank range? I don't think so. They will rely soley on hired guns.
    The leftists are not committed enough to get their own hands dirty, to do what needs to be done.

    Those are staggering odds against us regardless but we Patriots have the ultimate force multiplier, Gods Providence.

  5. K says, "The only way to defeat such a coalition with such staggering disadvantages is to make them lose the will to fight."

    Electric power; fresh, running water; the sewer system which automatically carries away their filth without any work on their part. These and public communications facilities are typically 'soft targets', and thus easy to take out... at least the first time around.

    You want to see a typical urban/suburban American demoralized? Even more effective than cutting off his access to farcebook and porn, is cutting off his supply of running water. Even those who only have to carry all their domestic water a hundred yards or so will complain like it is the end of the world.

    High-rise dwellers above the 3rd or 4th floors will rather evacuate than carry all their water for even a few days. (Very useful for you chaps who fancy yourselves as long-range riflemen ).

    Even more effective is to leave the water running, but incapacitate the sewer system in the target area. Expect evacuation to begin in as little as 12 hours after you clog up the drain, and to be 90% complete in about 72 hours. Every combat arms soldier and Marine who has spent time positioned at a FOB is nodding their head right now, remembering what a truely shitty job it is, having to burn *all* your waste... including the treasure which amasses under the reading room.

    Cutting the electric power is the coup de gras for emptying out an area of all but the hardest-core occupants, and may not even be necessary if your sewer work is high-speed.

    Why? Because refugees loose their home-turf advantage as defenders. And also because they leave a lot of useful stuff behind, in addition to giving you a battlespace which has very few noncombatants to worry about.

    The simple fact is that most people, once they give up on their home and flee, loose their resolve, mentally and emotionally crumbling into true victimhood. They aren't fit to fight, even if, three days before, they were armed and ready "to defend their turf (neighborhood) to the death."

    When you are outnumbered thousands to one and need to fight off your home turf (and it is preferable to bring the fight to them, rather than giving them the opportunity to bring it to you), you will want every possible trick and tool you can get, to reduce that ratio *before* you engage in combat.

    In addition, the chaoric period durring evacuation gives you a valuable opportunity to gather intel - on the area, and on the OPFOR who you will engage in it. Create the circumstances, and observe the results. Fine tune, increase in scale, and repeat. Repeat - as in 'fire for effect'. Becuase not all weapons go 'pew pew'.

    Elementis Proelium Regamus


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