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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Uncle Sam Points His Weapons at Americans First

It is a very rare event to find a Drudge headline re-posted here at III Percent Patriots.  Most of our readers are already die-hard Drudge followers, so simply re-posting Drudge links would be the height of redundancy and laziness.  People follow blogs because they want to know the bloggers' perspective on the topic.

Here's the story: Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing and shelter - COMBINED!

If you have ANY delusions that you are 'Free' or 'at Liberty', you are wrong.

.Gov - which is nothing more than a collection of Those who would be Masters and their enforcers - knock you over, take what they want from your table, and leave you to survive on the remainder.  

They steal food from the mouths of your children.  They insist that before you buy your child a sippy cup, you pay for their child's education.  Before you pay for the fuel needed to run your furnace, you pay for the fuel needed to keep .Gov buildings warm.  Regardless of the Deed in your safe, you do NOT own a single piece of property in any American state.  You rent it.  Fail to pay your 'property tax' and .Gov takes possession of your rental property.

Protest and they will come for you and put muzzles in your face.  Continue to protest and you will be dumped into a cage or a pine box.  This is not hyperbole - it is reality.

Every. Single. American. Is. A. Slave.

'Contribute', or Massa will whip you - and maybe even kill you.

Some of the cotton you pick is 'redistributed' to other slaves, whose value to Massa is the ability to have those particular slaves rise-up from time to time.

But here is a simple fact - if you 'contribute' or accept those 'contributions', you answer to the same slave master.

This is not Rightful Liberty.  What do you intend to do about it?

Here's the piece.


  1. There's not many options, are there?
    And none of them agreeable to civilized men.
    But still the pressure grows, and still evil runs free through our society, demanding that it be celebrated.

    Everything has a crux - a tipping point beyond which it cannot stand. A society which goes beyond that point cannot survive, regardless of anything it may do to save itself.

    Thus do we find ourselves, in a place to which there is no answer save one - quit the old, and build anew.

    Men were not made for comfort. We were made to struggle - Externally, against the elements of nature an against those with whom we have existential disagreements; and internally, against the temptations of greed, pride, and sloth.

    Outside you, evil is everywhere. This you cannot control. But inside yourself, there you have authority, and there is where the battles which maater most are won, or lost.


  2. Not one member of either party says end the banking SOC SEC retirement and vacation and holiday and maternity leave and insurance of every kind provided by voter ponsey scheme called government why would they free is free. Show up when we tell u do and say and agree at least in public to what we want and we will hand over there MONEY THE HOUSES THEY R EASY THEY WORK HARD AND BITCH BUT GIVE UP OR WE ABUSE THEM. THEY STUPID LITTLE SUCKERS.

  3. It's the government employees who help them that make it a Posey scheme why they want 10 PERCENT of savings and not 10 PERCENT cut in employees pay . money the root of all evil they don't have enough yet.

  4. I'm just grateful anymore that great men like K, and LT still exist. Sanity in this goofy world is becoming scarce.

    1. Wow, thanks! I'm honored. Celebrity isn't what I've been aiming for, it just isn't my thing. In fact it makes me a bit uncomfortable... I just focus on doing what needs doing in my life, and saying what needs to be said, which is plenty to keep me busy.

      And of course, when I get worked up or frustrated, I remind myself that God will handle the big stuff -
      if that's not Good News, I don't know what it...

      Blessings to all,


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