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Monday, April 4, 2016


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”


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  1. Every nation has tolerated its share of spendthrift politicians, and I suspect this will always be so.

    But NO NATION will tolerate for long the politicians who sell their future to a foreign culture; all the while casually arming their enemies, and inviting them to bring their murder-cult into our communities - into striking distance of *our* families.

    NEWS FLASH to all politicians - we actually hate you, more than we hate the muslims. Because without your assistance, the muslims would not be a threat to anyone but each other.

    YOU ordered the incessant political meddling in their affairs,

    YOU ordered the "regime change" which reopened and inflamed sectarian conflcits a thousand years old,

    YOU ordered the military invasion of their countries,

    YOU destroyed their economies, their cities and their infrastructure by acts of WAR against them,

    And now YOU call them "refugees" and invite them into our nation,

    YOU have forgotten the first law of war - that every injustice becomes magnified in the rememberance of conflict among the next generation.

    Just as the children of WW-I remembered all the injustice of it, and went on to supercede it with WW-II; so the muslim children who have grown up under the manipulative hand of the US and NATO remember us as devils and want revenge against us.

    And yet YOU politicians freely admit them to our countries, and deny that they come for vengeance, when they freely and regularly proclaim throughout the muslim world that they are going to the west for the sake of vengeance, for Jihad, and for the utter destruction of our countries and our peoples - to replace us all with muslims. Not to make muslims of us, NO. But literally to replace us in our own countries.

    Well, we shall deal with the muslims which YOU have brought amongst us to wage war against us...and we shall likewise deal with YOU who brought them.

    There shall be no quarter, and there shall be no peace, while muslims or communists remain... anywhere.

    Affix bayonets, and let the combat engaged...

    As Numbers 25 declares -
    And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
    Let the Madianites find you enemies, and slay you them: Because they also have acted like enemies against you, and have guilefully deceived you by the idol Phogor, and Cozbi their sister, a daughter of a prince of Madian, who was slain in the day the plague for the sacrilege of Phogor.

    And let this be a reminder, that we do not forget or forgive.


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