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Monday, April 4, 2016

Police State

Understand?  If you say yes, and think it is limited to major metros - you are wrong.



  1. Yes, in my opinion, it is prevalent everywhere. In all sizes of towns and cities. And especially prevalent when it comes to quotas of traffic tickets. Its a huge revenue source. We are in a police state.

  2. This is Tip-of-the-Iceberg stuff, and so very 1980s in character. - Quotas for summons and arrests. The deeper layer is the aggressiveness which is now prerequisite to getting a PD job in most cities.

    The standards up until the mid 1980s were all about judgement, restraint, and ability to de-escalate situations.

    Now, however, it's the opposite - judgement is about how far the officer can push the suspect, can they get that person to escalate so they can add "resisting" or "assaulting an officer" to the laundry list of charges. Can they get you to implicate anyone else, of otherwise give them cause to get a warrant for anyone or any place... they want to play "go fish" and they will push you to give them 'cause' to go do that.

    This is why I tell everyone -

    Because they are being put under incredible amounts of pressure, *every day*, by their supervisors and even their co-workers to be 'hardcore', to be 'powerful and effective' and to have 'total control' over their suspects - to get whatever they want from them.

    After enough of such pressure-cooker treatment, nearly all will comply. And even grudging compliance will, over time, completely rewire their attitude towards every person they interact with while on the job... and off the job, also. The de-humanizing effects of this presure-cooker treatment are the reason why most cops have such a hard time at home - keeping their families intact and safe from the predations of societies many bad influences...

    Sure, it started in the large metros, thirty plus years ago. But if you think it hasn't been spread to even the smallest municipalities, you're very wrong.

    Particularly in smaller departments, which have less training and promotion slots available in any given year, the competition is typically even worse than in the huge metro departments.

    Make no mistake, when you have *any* interaction with a police officer these days, even as the complainant, the overwhelming probability is that the officer is sizing you up as a canididate for the "go fish" game. It has nothing to do with what the officer believes you're guilty of ...it's all about what they can **CHARGE YOU WITH** to fill a quota requirement.

    It's everywhere these days - like an epidemic.




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