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Monday, April 4, 2016

Tolerance Beyond Common Sense is Suicide

Any man who 'tolerates' cancer in his body will die.

Any nation that 'tolerates' cancer in its people will die.

America is convulsing in her death throes brought about by too much 'tolerance'.

America will be a corpse in our lifetimes if we continue to allow our most cancerous elements to thrive and to die peacefully in their beds of old age, surrounded by family.

Excessive tolerance is suicide.

Pragmatic intolerance is healthy.

If you are reading this post, you are one of 300+ millions of people who get to influence the Fate of our republic.  

Will you tolerate our suicide?

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  1. Every body needs an immune system, to keep foreign things out, and familiar things running smoothly.

    When we speak of a body politic, this rule remains in force, and the necessity is the same, except for the nature of that which is 'foreign' and must be kept out.

    But still, the justifications and the mechanisms remian the same. The immune system stands guard, killing and destroying that which is 'foreign' and/or in any way contrary to the nature and health of that which is familiar and known to be good.

    The communists among us have suppressed our immune system to the extent that our society is aparently dying from dozens of different causes. But every one of them traces back to a single super-cause, and that is the collective mentality which has supressed and effectively destroyed our society's immune system.

    Your choice? Be a good little corpuscle and 'mind your own business', or decide to be a Killer-T cell and defend your community, your Body Politic...



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