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Monday, April 4, 2016

Good Commies...


  1. Good commies...
    Good muslims...
    Good sodomites...
    Good 'climate' fanatics...

    It's a testament to our incredible tolerance, how very long that list has grown in the last century.

    But now comes the time for pruning the tree of our society; when all those branches which bear not good fruit shall be cut off, and cast into the fire. amen

    1. I say again - the problems in our country all stem from the fact that we allow the Enemies of Liberty in our midst and the parasites to die peacefully in their beds, surrounded by family.

  2. Good commies never die. They just smell like they did.

    Do you know what the most difficult part of being a good commie is?
    Telling your Parents that you are gay! (Snare roll, crash)


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